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Oops! Chinese did it again: Bubonic Plague Confirmed

Oops! Chinese did it again: Bubonic Plague Confirmed

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  • The Bubonic Plague was responsible for the death of millions of people back in the 1300’s. And first originated in China.
  • New cases was confirmed in the city of Bayan Nur Northwest of Beijing China

Bubonic Plague, the most deadly and devastating pandemic in human history. The plague back after the Chinese Authorities confirmed a new case in a Chinese Residence in Inner Mongolia. The city has now raised a level 3 alert; this is the second lowest in a four-level system for epidemic control due to the risk of another black death. The warning will remain until the end of the year according to Xinhua News Agency.

The authorities said there is no need to have a COVID panic as the bubonic plague is now treatable. With this being said the new confirmed patient is already in a stable condition. And is continuously being treated and isolated in the hospital, Xinhua reported.

The city has now raised a level 3 alert

Though treatable, the authorities are still urging the residents to heighten their alert.

And take extra precautions to avoid being infected as there is still a risk of another outbreak. The people were also advised to report any sightings of dead or sick marmot.

A marmot is a large ground squirrel and they are a delicacy in some parts of China.

They believed that the raw kidney of marmots is good for their health. The authorities warned the people on eating an infected animal and causing a human-to-human transmission that may start another outbreak.

The warning will remain until the end of the year.

It is believed that these marmots caused epidemics back in the history of China.

Many more cases of the Bubonic plague have been confirmed due to eating the marmot meat.

Not only Bubonic plague, but they also carry a disease that can cause a pneumonia epidemic. The case for the other patient previously admitted.

It is caused by a bacterium and transmitted by flea bites and infected animals especially rats and other wild rodents.

The symptom includes but not limited to painful swollen lymph nodes, fever, cough, and chills.

This Bubonic plague, if not treated can turn into a fatal pneumonic plague. In which a person will develop pneumonia after the bacteria spreads in the lungs of the infected.

Another case of bubonic plague is being suspected with a 15 year old girl who ate a marmot.

The patient is currently under monitoring for a possible infection.

Bacterium is still alive and can be seen in some animals nowadays.

Even if the plague is treatable, it is not completely eradicated. Thousands of cases of the plague have been reported these past years, though not enough to cause an epidemic.

The Bubonic plague first originated in China and spread across Europe.

Killing more than fifty million people as recorded in history are called the Black Death epidemic.

The bacterium that infects the animal and spreads through flea bites is still alive. Experts believed that as long as the bacterium does not get “airborne” there will be no threat of human-to-human infection. Even with the help of modern medicine. The threat of the plague is still there as the bacteria cannot be completely eliminated as of today.

People are advised to stay away from eating, hunting and skinning infected animals as a precaution for another outbreak. Authorities are encouraging people to practice self-protection.

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