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A Chihuahua With Birth Defects Was Hailed As The Dog Hero of The Year

A Chihuahua With Birth Defects Was Hailed As The Dog Hero of The Year

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  • A Chihuahua with physical difficulties was voted by Americans as their Dog Hero of the Year

Who says birth defects can be a hindrance to be an inspiration for others? 

Meet Mackenzie, a Chihuahua who was born with unfortunate defects and seemed to have every reason to give up in life. 

She had contracted pneumonia when she was born (and almost took her life), born with a cleft palate, and lacks the ability to bark. 

dog hero of the year

But you know what, despite these unfortunate things, Mackenzie was recently recognized as the ‘American Humane Hero Dog of the Year.’ 

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards is an annual, nationwide competition that recognizes hero animals in the United States. 

It searches high and low for the animals who have shown inspiring and commendable acts of kindness, not only on their fellow animals but also on humans, too. 

And Mackenzie was lucky to be one of the candidates for this prestigious recognition — and eventually won it. 

Let us take a look at the heroic acts she did that made her worthy of being America’s new dog hero. 

A Desire To Care For Others

Mackenzie, despite her disabilities, has shown a keen interest in taking care of other animals — even the ones that are totally different from her! 

Being born with this interest, her disabilities didn’t hinder her from fulfilling what she really loves. 

Her heart effortlessly filled everything that her physical abilities lacked. 

Since caring is also about emotional connection, her sincere passion for taking care of other animals has bypassed any disabilities she may have.

That is why her love is sincerely felt by other animals, making her an effective healing companion. 

It’s hard to imagine, but Mackenzie has already taken care of animals that are not usually associated with a chihuahua like her. She has already nursed and comforted a turkey, a mouse, a squirrel, and even a goat! 

She became so effective at what she was doing that even a bigger dog like a Great Dane has also asked for her company. 

But what’s even great about Mackenzie is that her comforting abilities are not only limited to animals!    

She also visits children at school to send an important message to respect humans and animals with physical difficulties. 

Indeed, she truly deserved to be recognized as the Dog Hero of the Year.

Rising To The Top 

After gaining more than a million votes from the Americans and deliberations from respected animal experts and lovers, Mackenzie was officially hailed as the year’s newest dog hero.

It was an inspiring moment, not just for Mckenzie but for us, too. 

Mckenzie showed us that there are far bigger and better things to conquer outside our self-imposed limitations. 

Here is our dog hero of the year

Mackenzie - dog hero of the year

Also, she made us realize that limitations would only be a real limitation only if we treat them as such. 

For her, even with her physical disabilities, she never treated them as limitations.

She courageously used these things to motivate herself to pursue what she really loves: to send the message of love to both animals and humans. 

This Chihuahua, without a doubt, is truly a heaven-sent dog. 

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