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A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism
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A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism

A valiant mother risked her whole life trying to save her son with autism inside their burning house.  Risking one’s life for someone is the ultimate expression of love.  That’s what a courageous mother in California clearly showed when a tragic incident happened in her family’s home.  In the early

Nitesh Jaiswal with his family

‘Uneducated’ Parents Were Able To Produce 2 Medical Professionals

Poverty didn’t prevent Indian parents from helping their two sons obtain college degrees.  “There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.”  Seneca The Younger Everybody wants to get out of poverty, but not everybody is willing to pay the price for this freedom.  But this uneducated parents

Three people amazingly escaped from the inescapable prison of Alcatraz

Several prisoners attempted to escape the Alcatraz Prison but the result was a failure except for these three: Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, John and Clarence Anglin. Majority knows about the three fugitives but there were originally four who planned the escape. The plan initiator, Allan West. Their first

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