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A Robotic Chef For Your Kitchen Will Soon Go On Sale!
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A Robotic Chef For Your Kitchen Will Soon Go On Sale!

A kitchen appliance equipped with Artificial Intelligence can cook thousands of recipes all by itself.  Even tech-savvy superheroes like Ironman and Batman have missed this one.  Meet Oliver, a robotic chef that can cook thousands of different meals at your command.  This one-of-a-kind (and in fact, first of its kind)

4-Legged Cars Will Soon Be a Norm In Our Streets

4-legged Car of Hyundai will soon manufacture a 4-legged walking car. This futuristic car is planned to be used for rescue operations.  Somebody just can’t get enough of the Transformers.  Hyundai, the South Korean auto-manufacturing giant, has announced that it will soon create a whole new type of vehicle.   But

A Space Hotel Booking Today? Why Not!

Space hotels are getting closer to reality!  People are now given a chance to book for a future stay in a space hotel. Admit it, a space hotel is something that you would want to visit within your lifetime, right?  And that might be a crazy idea ten years ago. 

Buying Something? No Worries, It’s Just One Drone Delivery Away!

For your next package delivery, you will certainly have to look upwards.  One Drone Delivery Away! Retail giant Walmart has started a pilot test for drone deliveries. Yes, these mini flying vehicles might soon take a new role in the near future as you next “delivery man”.  Walmart has partnered with

An Energy From Gravity? Is It Possible?

A Scottish company has developed a new system that turns gravity into a source of energy. What else could gravity do aside from pulling everything down?  It turns out that it can generate electricity, too – “Gravity Energy”!  This fact might appear as a surprising thing, but one Scottish company


2023 Will Be The Year of Flying Cars!

A Japanese company has successfully tested a prototype of a working flying car.  The company plans to release the vehicle in 2023 and gradually expand the flying car’s services. You may have to bear three more years to hop into this dream vehicle.  A Japanese company called SkyDrive had successfully

New study released that soap bubbles can pollinate plants

Pear trees are successfully fertilized by the Japanese researchers using pollens carried on a thin film of suds. The project was studied as an alternative due to declination of the bees’ worldwide population. Science and technology has a lot of activities going on since the beginning of civilization. It is