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Work Like a Boss In Japan Amusement Park (Slash) Workstation
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Work Like a Boss In Japan Amusement Park (Slash) Workstation

Japan amusement workstation has rolled out a new service that allows Japanese workers to use its facilities as their alternative workplace.  If there is one good thing that came out from the unfortunate global pandemic, it was the migration of workers from their traditional workplaces.  Due to the still lingering

Teenage Prime Minister Takes Over Finland

Finland has allowed a 16-year-old-teenager to be its Prime Minister for a day as part of its campaign to promote girls’ rights.  Ever seen a teenager taking over a country?  Well, in Finland, this sight is not as unusual as it sounds.  Finland Teenage Prime Minister In A Day The

Machu Picchu Has Just Opened Its Doors To One Loyal Tourist

Peru officials gave one tourist a chance to explore their world-famous Machu Picchu before opening it to the world again.  This is surely every tourist’s greatest fantasy.  One tourist in Peru got a chance of a lifetime when the world-famous Machu Picchu opened exclusively for him.   Machu Picchu Exclusively Open

How a Bowtie Completely Changed a Jobless Woman’s Life?

After being laid off from her job (for a third time), bowtie completely changed a jobless woman from Pittsburgh decided to establish her own business — and became very successful with it.  Unfortunate events should not stop someone from progressing.  While this wisdom is easier said than done, one woman

A Pregnant Woman Just Took Her Bar Exam While In Labor

Delivering a baby boy and taking a bar exam fell on the same day for this wonder mom.  The incoming mother was so determined to finish her bar exam that she decided to go on with it while she labors.  When you thought bar exams couldn’t be any harder.  Pregnant

Dare To Take A Zipline Beside a Real-Life Godzilla?

A 75-ft-tall Godzilla will soon rise in Japan to be the main attraction of a theme park dedicated to the giant lizard.  Visitors will have a thrilling chance to zip line right inside Godzilla’s giant and monstrous mouth.  Would someone really pay just to be “swallowed up” by Godzilla?  These

Sydney Australia

Day trips from Sydney, Australia

Australia has earned a good name among the travelers from all corners of the world, as one of the most attractive destinations to spend their vacation. Although Australia is quite a remote country, there is nothing to worry about the journeys within the country. Because the travel agents and hotels

Creative Teen Uses ‘Unexpected Gadgets’ When Mom Confiscated Her Phone

A teenage girl allegedly used unexpected gadgets like smart fridge to use Twitter when her mom confiscated her phone.  She also used her Nintendo DS and Wii just to make updates for her Twitter followers.  Call it ‘survival instincts’.  A 15-year-old teen from Kentucky, USA had a major dilemma that

A Rare Harry Potter Book Could Fetch You a $65,000 Reward

A dad was shocked to know that his 20-year-old Harry Potter book can earn him a sizable fortune.  Care to check your bookshelves again?  A British expat, who lives in Luxembourg, was stunned to know that his old Harry Potter book could possibly fetch a $65,000 cash.   But this book,

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