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A Worthy Addition To The Avengers: Meet China’s ‘Procrastination Buster’
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A Worthy Addition To The Avengers: Meet China’s ‘Procrastination Buster’

A Chinese man(Procrastination Buster) provides a service that involves reminding people about their daily activities through text and calls to avoid procrastination.  He has been providing this service for the past six years which proves that his service is not only profitable but also provides real value to people.  As

Jeff Bezos Resigns

Jeff Bezos Resigns! Did Amazon CEO/Owner resign from his post?

Jeff Bezos resigns! Is a well-known man due to his title of one of the world’s richest men. Jeff Bezos is about 54 years old and has a net worth of around 185.7 billion US dollars. He is also known for a title called CEO and President for a brand

Filipino Sergeant Abused His Power To Kill Innocent Mom And Son!

Sergeant Nuezca Jonel abused his power! Sonya and Frank Gregorio fall victim to this stupid and evil police officer! After killing two people and committing double murder, the policeman surrenders! The Chief of Police sends flowers to the Gregorio family! What happened to justice for Sonya and Frank Gregorio? Filipino

youngest climber - daniel bull

Meet The Youngest Climber Who Conquered The 14 Highest Summits In The World

At the age of 37, Australian mountain climber Daniel Bull became the youngest climber to reach the seven highest mountains and seven highest volcanoes in the world.  One very high mountain isn’t enough for this one-of-a-kind mountain climber.  Meet Australian youngest climber Daniel Bull Who has just set a world

A Brave Boy Runs Into Action To Protect His Family From Intruders

A brave kid was caught in a CCTV footage trying his best to protect his family from hooded home intruders.  The Avengers would certainly want this kid to be on their team.  What a Brave Kid! In South Bend, Indiana, a brave kid was caught on camera trying his best

heroRAT Magawa

A Bomb-Sniffing Rat Has Just Been Awarded With A Gold Medal

A rat with impressive landmine sniffing abilities was awarded with a gold medal for saving a lot of lives.  One bomb-sniffing rat has finally risen to break the ‘rat stereotypes.’  Meet Magawa, a giant African pouched rat who was recently awarded with a Gold Medal for being a hero.  And

An 80-Year-Old Brave Man Saved a Driver From a Sinking Car

When a man accidentally drove his car into a canal, an 80-year-old brave man immediately plunged into the waters to save the driver from drowning.  It turns out that 17 years ago, he also did a heroic act by bravely saving a couple from a burning home.  Once in awhile,

A Pregnant Woman Saved His Husband From A Shark Attack

A brave (and pregnant) woman bravely plunged into the waters to save his husband from being attacked by a shark.  A brave woman just showed how much she truly loves her husband.  Pregnant woman saved husband from shark attack! Margot Dukes-Eddy was having a vacation with her family, together with

A 14-Year-Old College Degree Holder Stuns The World

A Teenage Texas boy recently earned his college degree at the age of 14!  Is this for real?  A 14-year-old kid in Texas has grabbed headlines recently because of his unbelievable achievement – obtaining a college degree.   This wonder kid is Ian Schiltz, who started his college journey at the

A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism

A valiant mother risked her whole life trying to save her son with autism inside their burning house.  Risking one’s life for someone is the ultimate expression of love.  That’s what a courageous mother in California clearly showed when a tragic incident happened in her family’s home.  In the early

A Real-Life Tooth Fairy Surprised a 3rd-Grade Boy

A boy got a surprise package from a Tooth Fairy he messaged months ago. Tooth fairies do exist in real-life — atleast in the form of kind strangers.  Lucas Hamrick, a third-grader from Knox County in South California, got a surprise of his life.   All of a sudden, a package

4-Legged Cars Will Soon Be a Norm In Our Streets

4-legged Car of Hyundai will soon manufacture a 4-legged walking car. This futuristic car is planned to be used for rescue operations.  Somebody just can’t get enough of the Transformers.  Hyundai, the South Korean auto-manufacturing giant, has announced that it will soon create a whole new type of vehicle.   But

UN-Identical Twins

UN-Identical Twins. Yes, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes.

Meet the twins that are so different from each other; no one would even think they are related.  You would not even think that these people exist.  Two sisters in the United Kingdom have gained a lot of attention recently because of their unbelievable traits.   Meet Lucy and Mary Aylmer,

An Impressive Act of Sportsmanship

A triathlon athlete lets his opponent cross the finish line knowing that his fellow player deserves to win.  This inspiring act of sportsmanship earned a lot of praise from various parts of the world.  In a world filled with intense competitions, sportsmanship still endures.  This is what a lot of

The Unexpected Source That Took Down A Village’s Internet Connection

A whole village’s internet connection was distorted daily for more than a year by a very unexpected source.  There is a mystery going on in a peaceful village in Wales, United Kingdom.  For more than a year, the residents of Aberhosan village are experiencing an unusual event every morning.  At

A Space Hotel Booking Today? Why Not!

Space hotels are getting closer to reality!  People are now given a chance to book for a future stay in a space hotel. Admit it, a space hotel is something that you would want to visit within your lifetime, right?  And that might be a crazy idea ten years ago. 

Moon Mission Planned In 2024!

NASA plans to send humans again on the lunar surface by 2024.  The mission, which is named ‘Artemis Mission’ includes sending the first woman on the moon and creating the first Moon space station.  At last, the world will witness a lunar mission again!  NASA, United States’ premier space agency,

A Homeless Woman Was Unexpectedly Hired By a Grocery Store

A homeless woman who lives in a parking lot was hired by the supermarket that owns the facility.  After months of hard work, this once homeless woman can now afford to move into an apartment to have a decent place to live in.  What would you do if you were

Two(2) Airline Pilots Saw a Flying Man On Their Window!

Two(2) airline pilots from different airlines claim to have seen a man in a jetpack at 3,000 feet.  The FAA, FBI, and LAPD have all started investigating this incident.  Does Tony Stark has something to do with this?  One Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, tower operators were startled by

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