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Jetpacked Paramedics Will Soon Be 1 Dial Away
Category: Health

Jetpacked Paramedics Will Soon Be 1 Dial Away

A small team in the United Kingdom is planning to equip jetpack medical.  Jetpacks are expected to be part of every rescue mission in the near future.  It’s a bird; it’s a plane, it’s… paramedics?  Soon, aside from seeing ambulance and helicopters in a rescue operation, what you might see

Doctor simulates the effects of wearing different masks.

A doctor conducted an experiment about the effects of wearing different types of masks to our bodies. The experiment was done to answer the complaints about the sudden dropping of oxygen as well as the re-inhaling of carbon dioxide. Coping up with what we have left before the spread of

5 Signs of Postpartum Depression That We Might Not Be Aware Of

According to Mariela Summerhays, “We need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of another person,” as she raises awareness about the risk of postpartum depression. The article involves self-harm and may be provocative to other readers. If you know someone who is suffering from postpartum depression,

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