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Chinese Live streamer Sold Over $300 Million Worth Of Items In A Single Day!
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firefighting robot

Robo Fireman To The Rescue!

The Los Angeles Fire Department has purchased a robotic fireman that can accomplish hazardous tasks that are too dangerous for firemen to deal with.  A robo fireman that busts out a fire in your neighborhood? Why not!  Meet Thermite RS3 Firefighting Vehicle, the latest fire busting buddy of the Los

An Old Lady Twisted Her Assailant With Her Jiujitsu Skills

A 67-year-old granny had flawlessly attacked her assailant using her impressive jiujitsu skills.  Somebody just messed up with an old, feisty lady. Meet Lorenza Marrujo, a 67-year-old “granny” who lives in Fontana California.  Jiujitsu skilled granny! At first glance, it seems that there’s nothing special with this old lady, that’s

Dog rescued by a guy from Kazakhstan: Human chain saves the dog’s life.

Dog rescued! When the world is falling apart when people are killing each other and destroying nature, some people are still trying to save as many lives as possible. It’s not just people trying to save even animals, no matter if they risk their own lives. These people showed the

How To Construct A House All By Yourself? An African Woman Shows You How

A South African woman became viral on social media because of her one impressive achievement: constructing an extension of her house all by herself.  Is constructing a house exclusive for men? See this Female builder Well, an inspiring woman from South Africa has just broken this stereotype by constructing a

Immortal McBurgers

Behold, The ‘Immortal’ McBurgers!

A lady posted a TikTok video showing her 24-year-old Immortal McBurgers and fries completely intact.  The fastfood giant released an official statement that explains why some of their food items appear to remain intact after many years.  Is there something suspicious (or even creepy) about McDonald’s burgers? Well, with the

Your Favorite Tourist Spots Are Now Turned Into Amazing Miniature Wonders!

A theme park in Tokyo, Japan showcases its realistic Amazing Miniature of famous tourist spots around the world.  This theme park provides a chance for people to “travel” all over the world in the midst of travel restrictions.  Oh, at last, a real Shrink Ray Machine was finally invented!  Well,

Indian Prime Minister Was Amazed by the School’s Virtual Reality Graduation

A premier engineering school in India created a Virtual Reality Graduation for their graduation rites.  The virtual reality graduation ceremony is composed of students and officials’ realistic avatars.  The global pandemic has literally changed everything.  No single industry was spared from the sweeping effects of the coronavirus, including the educational

Stunning Artworks Painted Through a Lady’s Eyes!

Stunning Artworks of a lady with a paralyzed body produces beautiful paintings using her eyes.  EyeGaze technology brings hope to people with paralyzed bodies to interact with the world again.  Countless artworks have captivated humans’ eyes and senses throughout the ages.  These artworks may have varied forms and messages, but

A Blind Woman For Over A Decade Miraculously Regained Eyesight

In The Philippines: A Grandmother Suffering Blindness For Over 10 Years Miraculously Regained Eyesight.  An old lady from the Philippines has grabbed the headlines recently because of her miraculous story.  A story of miraculous healing that for so long can only be seen from the stories in the Bible has

Angelic citizen chooses to feed thousands of neighbors in the midst of pandemic

Samantha Murozoki ensures that people in her community are regularly eating despite living in a country where starvation is widespread. The feeding assistance attracts more than 2000 people daily and became a way to consider Samantha as the modern national heroine of Zimbabwe. According to the World Food Program (WFP),

The Man Who Changed a Hundred Lives Despite of Poverty

Education is a treasure that can never be stolen by anyone. It is said that education is the key to success. Learn from the story of a man who didn’t get the luck in terms of education and how he changed the lives of a hundred listeners. Education is defined

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