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Teens Celebrates Car Crash on TikTok

Teens Celebrates Car Crash on TikTok

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  • Car crash on TikTok made by teens in Pittsburgh. 
  • The video became viral and were featured on major new outlets.

No one can possibly smile after car crash on TikTok.


reposing bc us being trapped in our flipped over car didn’t get enough attention #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #viral

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But for Katie Cornetti, one of the teens who were caught in an almost fatal car accident in Pittsburgh. It seems that there were plenty of reasons to smile about.

Their wide smiles can be clearly seen on their TikTok video, which, by the way, was uploaded a few minutes after their car accident.

On their now infamous TikTok video. And it can be seen that Katie and her friends seem to be “celebrating” inside their upside-down car. Which is a disturbing video given their present situation at that time.

It was such a bizarre and unbelievable video. That everyone who saw it couldn’t resist the temptation to share it with their friends and everyone they know.

But the video only really went viral – and caught the public’s attention. When a famous YouTuber named Zane Hijazi screen-recorded Cornetti’s TikTok video.

And the next thing that the teens knew. They were swamped with outrage and negative comments because of their inappropriate little stunt.

But Why Did They Do It?

As every media outlets caught wind of this incident. They have all lined up to be one of the first to interview the teens, particularly Cornetti, about the accident. And more importantly, about their video.

Because of the extensive media coverage of the incident. Cornetti were able to explain their side to the public on why they decided to take such a fatal situation lightly – and insensitively.

According to her, it was only their way of “coping” with the incident.   

Instead of plunging in a state of panic. Immediately chose a mental escape and decided to have some fun on TikTok.

She also added that they could already hear people outside asking for help.

So their worries gradually subsided and were comforted to know that their much-needed rescue would arrive in a few moments.

What Exactly Happened During the Accident?

It turns out that the teen behind the wheel was Marissa Bordas, Cornetti’s friend. And suddenly lost control of the car when she turned on a winding road that brought the car flipping on the streets.

Car crash on TikTok

The wheels that are not mounted properly might have caused the accident, according to Cornetti. A claim which is still being investigated by the police.

Were They Harmed?

Even with all the negative things surrounding this incident. It seems that the only thing that everybody has liked about it is the fact that all the teens came out of the car safely.

No one was seriously injured and only got some minor bruises, which makes all of them really lucky.

In fact, the bruises didn’t even come from the car itself, but from the things hitting the teens while the car was flipping.

For the car’s part, it appears that it got lucky too, as the only damage it got was the shattered glasses, which can be clearly seen on their video. Apart from that, both the teens and the car received no further injuries and damages.

The Public’s Response On The Video 

While everybody is thankful that the teens have not suffered from any severe injuries, the public aimed their guns on the teens’ decision to upload such an inappropriate video on social media.

The general sentiment of the public is that the video manifested the teens’ – and all the other Millennial’s desperate attempt to get attention on social media, no matter how much it costs.

This particular behavior of the teens today, including Cornetti and her friends, is not entirely a new thing as almost, if not all. Teens today are already hooked on the social media, and figuring out how to get the greatest numbers of views and likes.

After this incident, it is everybody’s hope that this inappropriate “stunt” won’t happen again, as it may cause encouragement among the young people to follow such an insensitive attitude.

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