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How These Brave Men Saved The Two Girls’ Lives From The Wrath of the Flash Flood?

How These Brave Men Saved The Two Girls’ Lives From The Wrath of the Flash Flood?

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  • Two Girls Fell From a Bamboo Bridge and Swallowed by the Strong Currents of the River
  • Brave Men Rushed Into The Scene To Save the Two Girls From Drowning

Another Heroic act from this brave men saved two girls lives From Drowning 

Flash flood is an unforgiving force, and once it’s unleashed, this force would certainly spare no one — including little girls’ lives. 

This painful truth was witnessed firsthand by some of the residents in Davao City, Philippines

During the heavy rain in the city, two young girls fell on a collapsed bamboo bridge and fell into the rushing currents of a river. 

The heavy rains were caused by the annual monsoon rainy season that pounds various parts of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.  

The rising river never thought twice of swallowing them alive and pushed the young girls in its strong currents. 

With the river’s wrath at that time, it seems that the girls’ fate were already sealed. 

Fortunately, Leo Mart Gallardo Balicog, a resident in the area, passed by near the collapsed bridge. 

Even with the loud heavy rains, he clearly heard the unmistakable scream of the young girls drowning on the river.

He immediately left his motorcycle and ran towards the river to help the other men in saving the young girls’ lives. 

Brave Men saved two girls

Leo’s neighbour, Cesar Pampangan, was also there to help in rescuing the girls. With the collective effort and selfless bravery of other men there, the two girls were fortunately saved. 

Humanity Manifested.

They were almost on the brink of dying, but thanks to the men’s quick action, that day became a celebration, instead of mourning. 

The parents of the children couldn’t thank the men enough who risked their lives to save the two girls from completely drowning. 

It wasn’t only the rain that strongly poured that day, but also the tears flowing from the parents’ eyes because of their gratitude. 

Leo was also thankful, not only because the girls were saved, but also because he witnessed the goodness in humanity that day. 

According to him, they deserve to be called heroes for being willing to put their lives at stake just to save others.  

The video footage clearly showed how desperate these men were in saving the two girls’ lives.

They are aware that if they don’t act immediately, they will all risk losing the lives of these innocent girls. But fortunately, with the cooperation of everybody, their worst fear never happened. 

Who knew that an unexpected tragedy would bring out the heroes in these men?

It is said that tragedies bring out the best and worst in humanity, and fortunately, humanity’s best was seen in this incident.  

It also serves as an inspiration for everybody to reach out their hands to those people who really need their help.  

It’s an action of love, and every act of love makes this world a better place than yesterday. 

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