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A Brave Boy Runs Into Action To Protect His Family From Intruders

A Brave Boy Runs Into Action To Protect His Family From Intruders

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  • A brave kid was caught in a CCTV footage trying his best to protect his family from hooded home intruders. 

The Avengers would certainly want this kid to be on their team. 

What a Brave Kid!

In South Bend, Indiana, a brave kid was caught on camera trying his best to protect his family from apparent robbers.

brave kid

Four aggressive men broke into their house in broad daylight and intimidated the boy’s family with their guns. 

It was around 10:30 a.m when some men knocked on their door, and when one of the children in the house opened it, four hooded men suddenly stormed inside.

These men quickly pointed their guns at everyone, except for one, a toddler named David Johnson.  

The hooded men rounded up everyone in the house in one corner while pointing their gun at them.  

Since the CCTV video footage didn’t have any audio, the conversation between the hooded men and the family members isn’t yet clear.  

But one obvious thing has surfaced in the video: The braveness of David. 

When David saw that his family was in great danger, he bravely confronted one of the hooded men inside their house. 

He threw his toys as hard as he can and even pulled one of the men’s arms in his desperate attempt to protect his family.  

Fortunately, that home intruder didn’t point his gun on David and just kept on deflecting the boy’s attacks. 

The South Bend Police released the video footage in hopes that someone can identify the hooded men.  

According to the police, they quickly responded to action when someone reported that gunshots were heard from South Grant Street, where the family is living.

The hooded men had already left the family’s house when the police arrived. The police officers assisted the terrified family who was just making sense of the incident.  

This was a very unfortunate event, but the good news is, no one was physically hurt, and nothing was robbed from the house.  

In an interview, Tamika Reid, David’s mother, shared her little boy’s bravery in the midst of that great danger. 

She said that she was so proud of what her son did, but admitted that she was also so scared at the same time.  

As the South Bend Police uploaded the CCTV footage on their Facebook page, the little boy’s heroic act became viral.  

A lot of people have praised David’s unexpected heroism and even said that he deserves a medal for his bravery.  

Police officials at South Bend Police all agree that the little boy deserves all these praises. They also added no children or anyone deserves to be put in that terrifying home invasion. 

Now, they are working double-time to identify and hopefully, arrest these hooded men to prevent them from doing the same act again.

The little David has already faced his “Goliath” intruders; now, it’s the police’s turn to continue his bravery by putting these men where they should be. 

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