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How a Bowtie Completely Changed a Jobless Woman’s Life?

How a Bowtie Completely Changed a Jobless Woman’s Life?

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  • After being laid off from her job (for a third time), bowtie completely changed a jobless woman from Pittsburgh decided to establish her own business — and became very successful with it. 

Unfortunate events should not stop someone from progressing. 

While this wisdom is easier said than done, one woman “has preached this gospel” by showing how it’s done. 

Nisha Blackwell, who lives in Pittsburgh, has received an unfortunate news one day — that she was laid off from her job. 

It was actually the third time she was laid off from the nursing school she’s working in. But on that third time, Blackwell knew that she needs to find a whole new path to take. 

The question is, what path could it be? 

While Blackwell was deeply thinking about this critical question, she was also bothered by another dilemma. 

Before receiving the news that she was laid off from her job, she was scheduled to attend the first birthday of her friend’s daughter.

bowtie completely changed a jobless woman

She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to bring any gifts for her friend’s daughter because of her penniless situation. 

While juggling these problems on her mind, she suddenly remembered an unopened package lying on her house for a while. 

The box, it turns out, contains a brand new Brother sewing machine. 

This package, which she hasn’t paid any much attention to, turns out to be the very thing that would give her a new-found hope in such a critical time. 

But there is one problem lying around the corner: She doesn’t even know how to operate an electric sewing machine! 

While others would easily give up because of not knowing how to operate this machine, leaving an opportunity is not an option for Blackwell. 

She quickly sought the help of one of the largest “universities” in the world, where almost anything and everything can be learned– YouTube. 

In an interview with CBS News, she shared that she was so clueless about operating the machine that she even searched for a video on how to turn it on! 

But learning the basics of operating a sewing machine would not be her final hurdle. 

The next thing she needed to figure out at that time was what kind of gift she would bring for her friend’s daughter. 

With available fabrics beside her, she thought of making bow ties as a birthday gift and sought YouTube’s help again. 

After watching dozens of tutorials on how to make wonderful bows, she started making her own creations. 

Delighted by this craft

She successfully made bows ties that are enough to fill a gift box! 

All she wanted at that time was to give a wonderful gift to her friend’s daughter, but something unexpected has happened during the birthday party. 

When the birthday kid opened Blackwell’s present, all the parents who saw the wonderful bows were very delighted. In fact, they were not only delighted but also made orders as well! 

All of a sudden, a great opportunity fell on Blackwell’s lap! 

From those initial orders, her bowtie-making journey has progressed so well that it has evolved into her first-ever business– the Knotzland!

But it seems that Knotzland was not only born to produce delightful bow ties, it was also destined to take on two very critical roles. 

First, it became a vehicle for Blackwell to help mothers, students, retirees, and other people in her neighborhood make money from home. 

Second, when the coronavirus pandemic blew out, Blackwell quickly decided to change her business’ main product. 

From producing wonderful bow ties, Knotzland shifted into making face masks, which would help protect a lot of people from being infected by the virus.

Blackwell never expected that she would come this far. 

From being laid off from her job, she has now helped (and are still helping) people in her community earn a living. Not only that, she has also played an important role in protecting people’s health during the pandemic. 

And all these great things became possible because she was determined to rise from life’s challenges. 

Blackwell taught us that we should not give up on every problem we encounter, no matter how heavy it could be.


Because every problem is actually a doorway for a bigger opportunity, and Blackwell clearly proved this wisdom through her life. 

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