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Wanted: Pen Pal! Boosting the spirits of nursing home residents for their pen pal program

Wanted: Pen Pal! Boosting the spirits of nursing home residents for their pen pal program

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  • Katie Couric, the former TODAY co-anchor lifted the spirits of nursing home residents by becoming their letter buddy.
  • Will you also be this lovely senior’s pen pal? It sure is fun and heartwarming!

Nowadays, we can really tell that the world is becoming more and more stressful due to some environmental factors that affect not just the young ones but the adults’ emotional health as well.

Just like the common cliché

as we grow up, we forget that they grow old.

Older people have their own stresses to bear. From a wrinkling skin to an enfeebled senses, add these mood swings as well that we will also probably feel when we get there.

The novel coronavirus or also known as COVID 19 just worsened the emotional fatigue among all of these “aging” problems.

Older people have their own stresses to bear.

On the other hand, there are still those positive thinking people who deny themselves of dull moments and anxiety. The Victorian Senior Care is a nursing home with a group of residents who ask for letters to help boost their moods during the lockdown.

Let us give a smile on their faces.

As the program had gone viral, Katie Couric, an anchor of Yahoo’s Global News and a former TODAY co-anchor became an advocate and promoted the pen pal program on Instagram.

This is such a great idea! If you love snail mail.

Stated by Couric on her social media post. She then tagged the Victorian Senior Care – a retirement and assisted living home located at Asheboro, NC. To have the facilities known. Couric opened up the unique idea that the nursing home is open for pen pals and annotated that you can meet your next penpal there.

The pen pal program has already taken a big hit and went viral.

The program started a few weeks ago at all 14 Victorian Senior Care branches in North Carolina. With this wholesome idea, the pen pal program has already taken a big hit and went viral for the nursing home’s residents and their new pen pals.

As the pen pal program went to its glorious peak, a medical technician supervisor at Asheboro place named Gwen Shough stated that they had an astonishing amount of people who reached out. Gwen announced that the nursing home’s residents have received letters from 48 states in just one day.

It is indeed amazing.

However, despite all of these letters and messages, the Victorian Senior Care Facebook account posted that they are still seeking and open for more pen pals to write and list their certain interests so they can share them with these lovely people who are more than willing to send them a mail response.

Even if the residents receive a huge amount of letters to read, their reactions are the most beaming with positivity. “They are just about how many people are responding so quickly and from many different states.” Said by Shough.

Nine residents who are participating in the pen pal program at just the Asheboro facility alone have gotten thousands of mails for each participant.

Old people are once the adults that took care of us when we were young. They contributed to what we are today and exchanging wonderful kind words of cheers will also define them when they were once fresh.

It’s good to know that regardless of all these worldly complications, some people are still helping to lighten the vibes of all.

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