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Paintings That Will Travel All The Way To Space

Paintings That Will Travel All The Way To Space

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  • Two companies have teamed up to send Blue Origin paintings to space and back to the Earth. 
  • The paintings, once it returned to the Earth, will be available for auction. 

Who would even dream of putting delicate paintings on the vast outer space and bring them back to the Earth? 

Blue Origin

Few crazy creative mortals, maybe? 

Well, it’s apparent, and a handful of these people has actually started executing this never-before-seen feat.  

Two companies, Uplift Aerospace, and Blue Origins, have teamed up to bring humanity’s rich art history into a whole new level. 

John Hanes is the owner of the Uplift Aerospace, a company that focuses on sending products into space while the Blue Origins, an aerospace manufacturer, is owned by the world-renowned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 

But these two men are not the only creatives that are involved in this major project. Two Utah painters will lend their hands in making the first paintings that will be launched in space. They are Jeff Hein and Mark P. Pugh, who are known for their realist and surrealist paintings. 

And when creatives meet their fellow creatives, whole new galaxies of possibilities and feats will surely come out of it. 

The Challenges of a Blue Origin Paintings/Artworks 

The feat is not just about picking up a brush and painting a rocket — it’s more than that. 

Since the rocket’s exterior panels will serve as the painters’ canvasses, challenges such as aerodynamics and rocket descent must be considered first. That is why special painting materials are used in the artworks to ensure that they can withstand harsh conditions.  

Through the help of engineers and experts on space materials, special materials were selected to ensure tha artworks’ safety. 

Small physical changes are expected to occur on the artworks, but the team is actually looking forward to it. 

Why? Because these changes will serve as a “space stamp” for these creations, which will make them really unique. They will be touched by elements that no single artwork in this world has ever experienced. 

Also, whoever will own these paintings in the future will have the privilege of having “space-breathed” artworks hanging on their home.  

1.) Space Art Attempts Before 

No, it’s not that some astronauts have attempted to sneak some artworks on their spacecraft before. 

Even though the Uplift Aerospace/Blue Origins project is amazing, it’s not the first time that “space” and “art” have been fused together. In fact, the fusing of these two things has been around for decades! 

Alexei Leonov, the first human to accomplish a spacewalk, brought colored pencils along with him and drew a sunrise sketch. 

Allan Bean, the late Apollo astronaut, has devoted his life after his career in painting mesmerizing space artworks. 

Nicole Stott, a Space Shuttle astronaut, expressed her creative side by painting through watercolors when she was in the International Space Station. 

John Stahr, a professional artist, painted an artwork called “Galactic Girl” on the nose of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket plane.  

2.) Incredible Things Can Wait 

The official launch of the paintings was delayed because of the ripple effects of the global pandemic

It’s a big smudge on the project’s schedule, but the whole team is still optimistic that the feat will still push through.  

This slight delay surely is not enough to blot the love and hard work they’ve poured on this special project. 

The paintings now await for final touches before making a historic visit on the infinite vacuum of space. 

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