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Behold, The ‘Immortal’ McBurgers!

Behold, The ‘Immortal’ McBurgers!

Immortal McBurgers
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  • A lady posted a TikTok video showing her 24-year-old Immortal McBurgers and fries completely intact. 
  • The fastfood giant released an official statement that explains why some of their food items appear to remain intact after many years. 

Is there something suspicious (or even creepy) about McDonald’s burgers?

Immortal McBurgers

Well, with the usual and innocent looks of their well-loved burgers, it appears that there is none. 

But some people think otherwise. 

For the past few years, some people have been proudly showing their years old burgers and fries from McDonald’s.  

Let’s look at this “ageless saga” that’s been going around for years that keeps people scratching their heads. 

Immortal McBurgers / “Mummified” Burgers and Fries 

In 2010, a woman from Alaska posted her 6-year-old Happy Meal without even a speck of mold. 

In 2013, a man from Utah “unveiled” his intact McDonald’s burger, which he brought way back in 1999! 

In 2015, a man from Iceland showed his rotten-free 6-year-old Mcdonald’s burgers and fries. 

In 2016, a woman from the U.S posted her 10-year-old Mcdonald’s cheeseburger and fries without any signs of “aging.” 

One experiment even showed that it took 10-long months for a Mcdonald’s BigMac and fries to show any signs of decomposition.  

These reports from customers are truly fascinating and–let’s admit –a bit creepy at the same time. 

But if you thought that their burgers and fries were old enough, one woman will gladly prove that you’re wrong. 

‘Skeletons’ In The Closet 

One viral video posted by a TikTok user named @aly.sherb shows a lady who “unboxes” a mystery item on her table. 

It turns out that this box contains a moldless Mcdonald’s burger and fries that was brought way back in 1996!  

Read that again: 1-9-9-6

At 24 stunning years, these food items are all intact and barely showed any signs of decomposition. It’s like these burgers and fries were just bought just a few days ago! 

The lady said that she was keeping these food products in her closet for more than two decades. 

With this, it turns out that there are far more shocking and creepier things than hiding skeletons in the closet!

This recent post resurrected the mysteries that surround Mcdonald’s “ageless” burgers and fries. 

It got everyone asking again if there is “something” in these food items that shouldn’t be there in the first place. 

But before these things blow up into proportions, Mcdonald’s stepped in and released an official statement about these incidents. 

The Fast Food Giant Speaks Up 

Mcdonald’s did not directly mention the viral video or any related incidents regarding “ageless burgers and fries.” The fast-food giant simply wrapped all these various incidents into a single word: “Myth.” 

In its official statement, the fast-food chain made it clear that their burgers, just like any other food, decomposes. 

It also explained possible reasons on why some of their products haven’t decomposed years after they were purchased.  

Mcdonald’s explained that without moisture, it would be hard for bacteria and molds to grow and cause decomposition on food items.  

One more thing that seemingly prevents decomposition is dehydration, even those prepared at home. It even highlighted the burgers’ conditions on viral posts and videos, which are completely dried out. 

The fast-food chain made it clear that their burgers are safe, don’t have preservatives or any fillers. 

But most importantly, it assured the public that the well-loved Mcdonald’s burgers are only made from 100% USDA inspected beef.  

To be fair, it was a very concise explanation from the fast-food giant to counter the ongoing myths online.  

Of course, this statement alone won’t stop people from being suspicious of what their burgers and fries really contain. 

Maybe, they just have to wait for another brave customer to post his ageless Mcdonald’s food items.

A 50-year-old burger and fries, anyone?  

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