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Jeff Bezos Resigns! Did Amazon CEO/Owner resign from his post?
Author: Zingsid
Jeff Bezos Resigns

Jeff Bezos Resigns! Did Amazon CEO/Owner resign from his post?

Jeff Bezos resigns! Is a well-known man due to his title of one of the world’s richest men. Jeff Bezos is about 54 years old and has a net worth of around 185.7 billion US dollars. He is also known for a title called CEO and President for a brand

PS5 Restock: Argos, Amazon, and Game!

Playstation is a well-known gaming console that has been in our market for a while and PS5 restock to provide different functionality that gives you the best gaming experience. They have different variants, but the latest one is Playstation 5, a segmental high-end device. Argos is a brand that deals

Experience The New: TESLA S

Tesla S all up with geared technical elegance and high tech smart solution for your daily needs. Model S has a powerful interior aspect with high power motor that can gear up to 60 miles in just 1.99 sec. It also has an aerodynamic body, which provides aerodynamic for more

5 Horror Novels For Teens That Will Entertain You At Night!

Are you bored staying in your home and you want to read a horror book, then here are the five horror novels for teens, which are funny and scary? Horror books are also one of the most known genres in teen books.  These books mentioned below features a different kind

5 Romance Novels For Teens That Will Make Your Heart Flattered!

5 Romance Novels For Teens That Will Make Your Heart Flattered: Romance and love are things that we humans always remember, especially in our teenage years. So if you also want to learn more about how romance in teenage years feels, Check our Romance Novels For Teens. 5 Romance Novels

Filipino Sergeant Abused His Power To Kill Innocent Mom And Son!

Sergeant Nuezca Jonel abused his power! Sonya and Frank Gregorio fall victim to this stupid and evil police officer! After killing two people and committing double murder, the policeman surrenders! The Chief of Police sends flowers to the Gregorio family! What happened to justice for Sonya and Frank Gregorio? Filipino

The famous Rapper Lil Wayne gets charged for carrying an Illegal Weapon!

Rapper Lil Wayne carrying an illegal weapon Lil getting arrested Lil Wayne might end up serving a decade of punishment. Talk about bad luck! The famous Rapper who has brought the revolution to rap and pop culture will be behind bars for a long time. The New York Times posted

Tangled up 40 ft humpback whale got saved by residents on Thanksgiving!

A 40 ft humpback whale got tangled near Tenakee Springs. Residents rush to see what happened to the creature. Were they able to save the whale’s life? Residents hear the crying and mourn of an animal on the night before Thanksgiving. On the day before Thanksgiving, when everyone was asleep

Dog rescued by a guy from Kazakhstan: Human chain saves the dog’s life.

Dog rescued! When the world is falling apart when people are killing each other and destroying nature, some people are still trying to save as many lives as possible. It’s not just people trying to save even animals, no matter if they risk their own lives. These people showed the

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