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At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!
Author: LiNardo
Tickets To Space by Yusaku Maezawa

At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, offers free tickets to space for eight lucky people around the world.  He and his future crewmates would use SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft, and they are scheduled to make a trip around the moon in 2023.  There’s no doubt that everybody would love to go to

A Worthy Addition To The Avengers: Meet China’s ‘Procrastination Buster’

A Chinese man(Procrastination Buster) provides a service that involves reminding people about their daily activities through text and calls to avoid procrastination.  He has been providing this service for the past six years which proves that his service is not only profitable but also provides real value to people.  As

A Heroic Nurse Has Decided To Donate Her Kidney To An 18-Month-Old Baby

A heroic nurse who works in New Jersey has decided to donate her kidney to a baby named Bodie, who badly needs a kidney transplant at that time.
Bodie’s parents weren’t able to donate their kidneys because of two reasons: first, the blood type of his father doesn’t match with him, and two, Bodie’s mother has already donated her kidney to his older sister.

A Handicapped 13-Year-Old Boy Inspires Everybody With His Wonderful Heart

Even with his handicapped situation, Liem Kaplan, a 13-year-old boy, has made it his life’s mission to provide help and extend his love for other people. Yes, there is still so much goodness (and hope) in this world.  When everything seems to be filled with hatred, uncertainty, and self-interests, one

firefighting robot

Robo Fireman To The Rescue!

The Los Angeles Fire Department has purchased a robotic fireman that can accomplish hazardous tasks that are too dangerous for firemen to deal with.  A robo fireman that busts out a fire in your neighborhood? Why not!  Meet Thermite RS3 Firefighting Vehicle, the latest fire busting buddy of the Los

A Chihuahua With Birth Defects Was Hailed As The Dog Hero of The Year

A Chihuahua with physical difficulties was voted by Americans as their Dog Hero of the Year Who says birth defects can be a hindrance to be an inspiration for others?  Meet Mackenzie, a Chihuahua who was born with unfortunate defects and seemed to have every reason to give up in

youngest climber - daniel bull

Meet The Youngest Climber Who Conquered The 14 Highest Summits In The World

At the age of 37, Australian mountain climber Daniel Bull became the youngest climber to reach the seven highest mountains and seven highest volcanoes in the world.  One very high mountain isn’t enough for this one-of-a-kind mountain climber.  Meet Australian youngest climber Daniel Bull Who has just set a world

A Steel Company Decided To Reward Its Employees With Brand New Cars!

A company in China has rewarded its employees with 4,116 brand new cars because of their impressive performance.  What could be the best way to motivate employees nowadays?  Reward them a brand new cars!  That’s precisely what a steel company in China did with their dedicated and loyal workforce.  Jiangxi

An Old Lady Twisted Her Assailant With Her Jiujitsu Skills

A 67-year-old granny had flawlessly attacked her assailant using her impressive jiujitsu skills.  Somebody just messed up with an old, feisty lady. Meet Lorenza Marrujo, a 67-year-old “granny” who lives in Fontana California.  Jiujitsu skilled granny! At first glance, it seems that there’s nothing special with this old lady, that’s

A Hilarious Eye-Opener For An Overweight Dog

When an overweight dog suddenly dismantled a doggy door and got stuck with it, his owners realized that it was time for him to reduce some weight.  What the weighing scale can’t say, the doggy door will say truthfully.  Meet Drax, a lovely dog who found out a “bitter truth”

A Brave Boy Runs Into Action To Protect His Family From Intruders

A brave kid was caught in a CCTV footage trying his best to protect his family from hooded home intruders.  The Avengers would certainly want this kid to be on their team.  What a Brave Kid! In South Bend, Indiana, a brave kid was caught on camera trying his best

Work Like a Boss In Japan Amusement Park (Slash) Workstation

Japan amusement workstation has rolled out a new service that allows Japanese workers to use its facilities as their alternative workplace.  If there is one good thing that came out from the unfortunate global pandemic, it was the migration of workers from their traditional workplaces.  Due to the still lingering

heroRAT Magawa

A Bomb-Sniffing Rat Has Just Been Awarded With A Gold Medal

A rat with impressive landmine sniffing abilities was awarded with a gold medal for saving a lot of lives.  One bomb-sniffing rat has finally risen to break the ‘rat stereotypes.’  Meet Magawa, a giant African pouched rat who was recently awarded with a Gold Medal for being a hero.  And

An 80-Year-Old Brave Man Saved a Driver From a Sinking Car

When a man accidentally drove his car into a canal, an 80-year-old brave man immediately plunged into the waters to save the driver from drowning.  It turns out that 17 years ago, he also did a heroic act by bravely saving a couple from a burning home.  Once in awhile,

Teenage Prime Minister Takes Over Finland

Finland has allowed a 16-year-old-teenager to be its Prime Minister for a day as part of its campaign to promote girls’ rights.  Ever seen a teenager taking over a country?  Well, in Finland, this sight is not as unusual as it sounds.  Finland Teenage Prime Minister In A Day The

Machu Picchu Has Just Opened Its Doors To One Loyal Tourist

Peru officials gave one tourist a chance to explore their world-famous Machu Picchu before opening it to the world again.  This is surely every tourist’s greatest fantasy.  One tourist in Peru got a chance of a lifetime when the world-famous Machu Picchu opened exclusively for him.   Machu Picchu Exclusively Open

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