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Animal Cruelty: Your falsies do not belong to you, they belong to someone else

Animal Cruelty: Your falsies do not belong to you, they belong to someone else

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  • PETA exposed an ugly story behind a gorgeous fashion.
  • Fur farms are trapping the animals and violently slaughter them for beauty.

Beauty is indeed to die for. It is only natural for a human being to crave for some good looks. We love the scent of aromatic perfumes, as well as the extravagant apparels that define prestige.

Some of us take it to the next level and go to the nearest gyms to have it in motion while salons are always a part of the busy communities. Beauty is worldly.

Though it may fade someday, experiencing its peak is one of the loveliest feelings to have. Some people, girls and even boys, like to apply a skin care routine starting from the cleanser, to the toner, to exfoliator and even moisturizer.

We love to see our skin as smooth and as blooming as possible. We tend to conceal things that we may view as ugly. We somehow like to accessorize ourselves believing that it will enhance our appeal.

We tend to conceal things that we may view as ugly.

But as we put on these lathers of cleansing foams, or as we slide these velvet sticks on our smoothened lips, or as we seal all these leather belts… Do we realize how it was made? We might believe that humans will kill to achieve a continuous flame but what if we are literally doing all these things indirectly?

It is not a long time secret that some factories use materials from animal parts and are doing a really cruel process. From reptile skin that makes our shoes to ivories that create a fine comb.

Exposing a horrible story behind a rampant fashion.

In this case, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) exposed a horrible story behind a rampant fashion which is the mink eyelashes. Have you ever heard of minks? They are the lovely dark-colored and semi-aquatic creatures from the family of weasels, otters and ferrets. Yes. Minks do live, and mink eyelashes came from real minks.

If you love to patronize these trends, this story is for your realization. According to PETA, there are four reasons why mink eyelash production is very unethical:

How do you think your lashes are made?

These minks came from fur farms.

Mink lashes brands often conceal its product’s ugliness by labeling it as “cruelty-free” and “free-range”. But it isn’t possible when minks are solitary and territorial. They become aggressive when threatened and surely would struggle if confined to narrow spaces with their other mates. This is where torture begins when minks are being kept separately in wire cages, depriving them of doing what they naturally used to do.

Minks are not into brushing.

They are usually scared of human touches and not very timid. However, how do you think your lashes are made? It is brushing, of course. Farms brush the minks violently until all fur is cut off.

Animals on the fur farms are being held as captives and brutally slaughtered.

By brutal, it means killing through electrocution, beating or just leaving their necks broken. Lucky if necks are still attached though.


minks are now part of the endangered species.

It will just be a matter of time before their annihilation. Do we still want this? Let’s think.

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