Andres Bonifacio Monument, Sinimulan Ng Linisin Sa Utos ni Mayor Isko Moreno

Andres Bonifacio Monument, Sinimulan Ng Linisin Sa Utos ni Mayor Isko Moreno

Recently, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso visits the monument of Andres Bonifacio in Lawton near Manila City Hall. There, he accidentally stepped up on the poop of the people and the pooped was also smelling dirty and nasty in the whole place based on Mayor Isko.

Mayor Isko was asking for the illegal settlers on the place to evacuate on the deadline that they give. This morning, there was a flushing operation in the monument of Bonifacio with the help of the firefighters of Manila Tourism and Cultural Affairs Bureau.

They bombed water in the Bonifacio monument along with its whole surroundings.

On the live video clip of Manila Tourism, it can be seen that the volunteers were helping to clean the area of the place to remove the scattered pooped of the people who were staying there for a while now, along with the nasty and dirty smell of it.

As we can remember that Mayor Isko has recently visited the Bonifacio shrine and found out the bad condition of the park. This park became a temporary residence of the informal settlers where the surrounding of the park was full of urine and poop. Mayor Isko also sees some “vandalism” on the monument which causes the Manila Mayor to become mad.

Many online users praise the action that Mayor Isko did on cleaning the Gat Andres Bonifacio Monument in Manila. They stated that the past administrations didn’t even conduct an oplan clean-up drive and flushing operation in the said place. They stated that the true child of Manila was Mayor Isko because he has a pure heart to fix the exquisite beauty and cleanliness of Manila.

Many online users were wishing that we should not lose our principle, skill, and concern not only on other people but also on the environment. They said that Mayor Isko should continue his good purpose in Manila.

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