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An Old Lady Twisted Her Assailant With Her Jiujitsu Skills

An Old Lady Twisted Her Assailant With Her Jiujitsu Skills

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  • A 67-year-old granny had flawlessly attacked her assailant using her impressive jiujitsu skills. 

Somebody just messed up with an old, feisty lady.

Meet Lorenza Marrujo, a 67-year-old “granny” who lives in Fontana California. 

Jiujitsu skilled granny!

At first glance, it seems that there’s nothing special with this old lady, that’s because she doesn’t like to brag anything about herself.  

But actually, this granny has a black belt in jiujitsu, and only a few people know about it, including her older 82-year-old friend. 

jiujitsu skill

Unknown to Marrujo, one more person would eventually know about this fascinating fact about her, but in a very painful and “twisty” way.  

Flexing Her Jiujitsu Skills 

One day, an intoxicated man stormed into Marrujo’s unit, which was located in an apartment building. This man’s name is Donald Robert Prestwood, who said that she was looking for his girlfriend. 

The man suddenly grabbed Marrujo’s arm, and sensing the imminent danger; the 67-year-old lady immediately grabbed her baseball bat.  

Threatening that she would not think twice of hurting him, Prestwood got out of her room and went straight to his 82-year-old friend’s unit. 

Her friend, Elizabeth McCray, is the mother of Prestwood’s girlfriend. 

Marrujo knew that this intoxicated man would eventually cause harm to her dear friend, so she immediately followed Prestwood. 

When she arrived to check her friend, she saw that the light on McCray’s unit was turned off, and heard desperate screams inside. 

She immediately called 911 to ask for the police’s assistance. And while the police were on their way, Marrujo knew that she needs to handle this thing with her own hands for a while. 

When Prestwood saw that Marrujo has arrived to help her friend, he immediately attacked her — in which he would later regret. 

Without thinking twice, Marrujo immediately flexed her jiujitsu skills and taught this aggressive man a lesson. 

She gave him a swift kick, a couple of elbows smashes in his breastbone, and brutally bent his fingers. 

No sweat for an old lady who just wants to protect her dear friend. 

When the police arrived, what they saw was something really unexpected and, they should admit, very amusing.  

They saw Marrujo’s one knee on the assailant’s neck and her other knee on his chest, while the poor man screams in pain.  

Behind Bars 

Even before getting jailed, it is certain that Prestwood has already got his greatest (and most painful) punishment. 

And the old lady with impressive jiujitsu skills was delighted about it. 

Prestwood was later booked in a local detention center with a bail of $150,000. He was later pleaded not guilty to elder abuse. 

Whether everybody agrees or not with that decision, one thing is for sure: That he won’t ever dare mess with these old ladies again. 

More About The ‘Lady Ninja’ 

Lorenza Marrujo admits that she loves to be called ‘Lady Ninja’, and with both hands down, she certainly deserves the title.  

In an interview, Marrujo shared that she started training for jiujitsu beginning from 1981, all the way to 2007. And she trained really hard to earn her black belt in jiujitsu.

Marrujo, who is a former security guard, said that she decided to learn this skill for personal protection. 

Though her taking down of Prestwood was clearly impressive, she admitted that she was actually “rusty” at that time.  

According to her, because of her old age, she was not as sharp in jiujitsu as before. But as we all saw, her “rusty” skills were enough to take down a bigger and meaner assailant. 

Only time will tell if Marrujo would have to flex his “deadly” jiujitsu skills again. 

But with what everybody has seen, no one would surely mess with this old lady again.

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