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An animal rights activist Became a ‘Temporary Dad’ For 300 Dogs During A Storm

An animal rights activist Became a ‘Temporary Dad’ For 300 Dogs During A Storm

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  • An animal rights activist has taken care of 300 dogs and other animals inside his home during a strong storm. 

Who let the dogs out! 

(Or should we say, who let the dogs in?) 

A new hero has been hailed on social media for doing something extraordinary during a critical time. 

An Animal Rights Activist became dad during typhoon

His name is Ricardo Pimentel, who lives in the town of Leona Vicario in Mexico. 

Pimentel, just like his fellow citizens were worried about the incoming storm in their country.

Hurricane Delta was predicted to be a Category 3 storm, which means that it strong enough to cause serious damages like toppling trees and cutting down power lines. 

But there was one other thing that Pimentel was worrying at that time: The animals outside the streets. 

Being an animal rights activist and a PETA supporter, it was natural for Pimentel to think about the animals’ welfare in every circumstance. 

That is why Pimentel wasted no time and immediately prepared his home for the animals he would bring in before the storm unleashes its wrath.

Fortunately, before Hurricane Delta made a strong landfall in Mexico, Pimentel had managed to bring animals inside his animal shelter. 

And now, let us talk about how much animals did he able to protect that time. 

Hold your breath, please. 

It was an unbelievable 300 stray dogs! (Not counting the other animals that Pimentel also brought in) 

animal rights activist

These animals include cats, rabbits, chickens — and even a hedgehog! 

With these various animals inside his shelter during a storm, you can’t help but think of Noah’s Ark, don’t you? 

In the photos he uploaded to his Facebook page, Pimentel can be seen surrounded by almost countless dogs who are enjoying their stay at his home. 

These uplifting images quickly spread online and were praised by a lot of people, including celebrities and influencers in different parts of the world. 

Pimentel also reached out to his fellow citizens through his Facebook post. 

He said that if he can bring in 300 dogs and other animals inside his home during the storm, everyone should not be a coward and let atleast one animal inside their home during the storm. 

Fortunately, the strong storm was eventually downgraded to a Category 2, which means that its strength would eventually decrease in the coming days. 

With all the positive responses he received from his act of kindness, Pimentel used this opportunity to do another commendable act: to seek help for the animals under his care. 

And with his selfless act during that critical time, people would surely be more than willing to help him. 

Pimentel’s kindness is indeed one of the most important acts we should see today. 

It serves as an inspiration to everybody to do their part in expressing their love, kindness, and selfless acts to make this world a better place for everybody.  

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