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An 80-Year-Old Brave Man Saved a Driver From a Sinking Car

An 80-Year-Old Brave Man Saved a Driver From a Sinking Car

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  • When a man accidentally drove his car into a canal, an 80-year-old brave man immediately plunged into the waters to save the driver from drowning. 
  • It turns out that 17 years ago, he also did a heroic act by bravely saving a couple from a burning home. 

Once in awhile, destiny would unexpectedly give us a chance to save a life. 

The question is, are we tough enough to take it? 

An 80-year-old Brave Man?

In California was more than ready for this chance when he suddenly encountered a man who desperately needs someone’s help. 

When Steve Montelongo was driving his granddaughter back home from a dentist’s appointment, one man’s car suddenly plunged into a canal. 

There were people around the incident, but all were skeptical about helping the man because it would be too dangerous for them. 

Montelongo knew that the man was in a desperate situation; that’s why he immediately ran into the scene to save the man from drowning.

80-year-old brave man

He knew that there were risks in saving the man, but he was determined to save him at all costs. 

Every minute was critical as the water quickly rushes inside the man’s car, and he could never get out unless someone helps him. 

Montelongo recalled that the canal was 10-feet-high-for him, but he still decided to plunge into the waters to open the car’s door as soon as possible. 

One of his greatest fear at that time was the possibility that the car’s door was locked, which would put the driver at more risk. 

But thank God, when he pulled the door, it wasn’t locked and he quickly carried the man outside his car. 

The incident ended with no casualty, and the passenger of the car, who was identified as a 62-year-old man named James Swarts, was not injured. He was immediately taken to the hospital after he was saved from his sinking car. 

The police said that Swarts accidentally drove his car into the canal because of a sudden health problem that occurred while he was driving. 

He had a very lucky “lease of life” because of Montelongo’s impressive bravery. 

Who knew that an 80-year-old man can still do this kind of bravery and heroism? 

But the most surprising thing about this story is that Montelongo has already done this kind of bravery before! 

In 2003, Steve Montelongo has been awarded with a Carnegio Hero Fund Commission Medal by bravely saving his neighbors from a blazing fire caused by a gas leak. 

Again, he didn’t think twice about saving someone who’s in danger, even if it means that his life would be put at risk. 

At that time, he immediately ran towards his neighbor’s burning house and brought out its 80-year-old occupant named Kathirne Mattox. 

After Montelongo had put her in a safe place, he ran again inside the burning house to save Kathirne’s husband, the 79-year-old Wayne Maxwell.

The old couple was successfully saved from their burning house, but their savior had suffered chest pains because of the thick smokes that he had to go through. 

He was immediately brought to the hospital, and fortunately, he recovered from this condition. 

It was also like a new lease of life for him, and little did he know that years later, destiny would again test his bravery and sincerity to save a life. 

And the good news is, he had passed this second great test. 

But after the heroic things he did, what’s really amazing about Montelongo is that he still doesn’t consider himself a hero. 

According to him, he was just in the right place at the right time. 

Well, that’s humility at its finest. 

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