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Your Favorite Tourist Spots Are Now Turned Into Amazing Miniature Wonders!

Your Favorite Tourist Spots Are Now Turned Into Amazing Miniature Wonders!

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  • A theme park in Tokyo, Japan showcases its realistic Amazing Miniature of famous tourist spots around the world. 
  • This theme park provides a chance for people to “travel” all over the world in the midst of travel restrictions. 

Oh, at last, a real Shrink Ray Machine was finally invented! 

Well, almost. 

But one theme park in Japan has provided everyone with a glimpse of what Shrink Rays can do in the future. 

It is called the ‘Small Worlds’ theme park, which is located in Tokyo, Japan. 

It gives everyone a chance to ‘travel’ all over the world even during the restrictions caused by the global pandemic.  

But nope, it doesn’t encourage people to break the current health protocols. 

What this theme park does is to help people beat their “lockdown blues”. 

Through its realistic dioramas, it helps people cherish their memories on great places they used to visit. 

These miniature tourist spots are so life-like, you would certainly want to bring them home! 

(A bad idea, I know) 

Let’s get to know more about this theme park and explore its amazing alternative world. 

Welcome To The Amazing Miniature a.k.a. ‘Small Worlds’ 

This ‘small’ theme park is ironically BIG. 

The Small Worlds is currently the biggest indoor theme park in the world with a total area of 8,000 square meters! 

It is located in the Ariake district of Tokyo and was opened just this year. 

It’s opening is meant to coincide with the flood of tourists that would come for the Tokyo Olympics. 

But unfortunately, as we all know, it was cancelled due to the sweeping outcomes of the global pandemic. 

The chance of ‘Small Worlds’ to showcase its stunning dioramas were also cancelled in the process. 

Amazing Miniature

But it turns out that it would have an important role to play for people during this global pandemic. 

‘Small Worlds’ Plays A New Important Role 

Now that travel restriction is almost a norm; people are restricted to visit various places they used to visit in the past.

Though these restrictions are for everybody’s welfare, people can’t help but feel the “itch” to see their favorite places again. 

And this is where the ‘Small Worlds’ comes in. 

Since their fantastic dioramas are already in place, it can serve as an alternative ‘destination’ for true-blue travelers.  

It’s a great solution to balance people’s longing to travel again and protect their health at the same time. 

As a precautionary measure, the theme park would only allow 15% of its visitors capacity to maintain social distancing. 

What To See Inside The ‘Small Worlds’ 

1.) The Space Center 

Here, visitors would see a realistic miniature version of the Saturn V spacecraft. It was the vehicle used by the astronauts (including Neil Armstrong) to go to the moon. 

Also, this miniature version is not a static model, but actually launches, complete with smoke and fire on its boosters! The Japanese makers behind these models really took the term “realistic” on a whole new level! 

2.) Global Village 

It’s a showcase of Japanese artistry at its finest. 

Here, visitors would see five countries from Asia and Europe flawlessly linked together to create an extraordinary village. 

The Global Village is a surprising combination of the 1900s world and magical creatures (including dragons). 

This village is so realistic that visitors can witness its changing weather and the various things happening on its streets!  

3.) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 

For the living ‘child’ inside everyone’s hearts, rejoice! 

Visitors can relish the memories of their childhood as ‘Small Worlds’ brings them back again to the world of Sailor Moon! 

It features a stunning diorama of the Crystal Tokyo, a futuristic city depicted in this highly popular Anime. 

Now, visitors would have a chance to see Sailor Moon’s world in a whole new and fantastic way. 

From manga and anime, Sailor Moon is now ready to capture everybody’s hearts again with this realistic miniature world.  

4.) Other Great ‘Destinations’ 

People may also visit the miniature Kansai International Airport, Neon Genesis Evangelion Tokyo-3, Neon Genesis Evangelion Cage and the World Streets. 

Turn Yourself Into a Miniature Figure 

Aside from the miniaturized popular tourist spots, visitors may also turn themselves into miniature versions! 

Through a 3D modelling procedure, visitors can have a miniature version of themselves within two weeks. 

What’s more, visitors can pick a destination of their choice where their mini “twin” can stay for a whole year! 

This opportunity can be availed through the theme park’s Citizens Rights Figure Program. 

Big Things Come In Small Packages 

Yes, I know, it’s a cliche that you wish you would not hear again. 

But the ‘Small Worlds’ theme park indeed offers big things for its visitors through its stunning miniaturized world.  

It’s hard to resist not to use that cliche when talking about this fantastic world that the theme park has created. (Just give me this last chance, please?) 

Also, what’s really great about Small Worlds is that it provides people with a chance to ‘explore’ the world again. This is clear proof that humanity is really hard-wired to find the silver lining in every challenge they encounter.  

And that is the most important message that ‘Small Worlds’ provides for the world. 

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