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Two(2) Airline Pilots Saw a Flying Man On Their Window!

Two(2) Airline Pilots Saw a Flying Man On Their Window!

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  • Two(2) airline pilots from different airlines claim to have seen a man in a jetpack at 3,000 feet. 
  • The FAA, FBI, and LAPD have all started investigating this incident. 

Does Tony Stark has something to do with this? 

One Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, tower operators were startled by the reports they received that day. 

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Two Airline Pilots Respond Immediately!

Two pilots from different airlines reported an unusual sight they saw while they were airborne. 

They both claimed of seeing a jetpacked man flying at their altitude — 3,000 feet to be exact! 

It might be easy to dismiss this claim if only one pilot claimed this incident, but they were two witnesses! 

The first pilot who radioed the tower is from American Airlines, and the second one is from Southwest Airlines.  

As a quick response, the tower alerted an inbound JetBlue pilot about this incident to caution him about possible dangers. 

Fortunately, the day ended without any reports of collisions in the sky.

A Risk In National Security? 

It’s too early to make any speculations that is why authorities quickly responded to this incident. 

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor confirmed that there was an unusual sighting in the sky that day. 

Both the FAA and the FBI have started investigating this “thing” or “man,” whom they call as an “airspace intruder.”   

The FAA asked for the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to get a lead on this incident. 

Authorities have all agreed that the pilots indeed saw “something,” but they can’t give any conclusions of what exactly it is. 

Is a Jetpack Company Involved In This Incident? 

If that sighting is indeed a man in a jetpack, then there is something going on that authorities need to find out.  

One company that was put in the crosshairs for a short time was JetPack Aviation. 

This company is a manufacturer of jetpacks, and guess what; they are based in L.A, where the mysterious sighting happened. 

One quick fact about JetPack Aviation is that they work alongside the U.S military in developing various jetpack technologies. 

In an interview with CBS, JetPack Aviation CEO David Mayman quickly denied that his company was involved in the incident. 

He also shared his opinion that what the pilots saw was more likely a large drone than a man in a jetpack. 

According to him, no one has ever developed or even developing a jetpack that could reach 3,000 feet. 

Mayman also added that a jetpack’s fuel will run out quickly if it ever aims to reach that kind of height. 

As for the “drone theory,” he said that 3,000 feet are the limit of what most drones can reach today.  

One Aviation Safety Expert Shared His View 

In an interview with Fox11, Steve Cowell, a retired pilot and aviation safety expert, shared his opinion about the mysterious incident.  

He said that even the most technologically advanced jetpacks could only fly very briefly. 

Cowell even suggested that the incident might be an elaborate prank by someone who indeed reached that unbelievable height but only briefly. 

One Thing Is For Sure: Something Is Going On 

Authorities and experts agree that the two pilots indeed saw something up there, and it’s not a product of their imagination. 

The question is: What exactly is it? 

But there is a far more important question than that. ‘What is this ‘thing’ or a’ man’ doing up there?‘  

That is the question that the authorities must find out.

Video Source: JetPack Aviation

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