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How To Construct A House All By Yourself? An African Woman Shows You How

How To Construct A House All By Yourself? An African Woman Shows You How

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  • A South African woman became viral on social media because of her one impressive achievement: constructing an extension of her house all by herself. 

Is constructing a house exclusive for men?

See this Female builder

Well, an inspiring woman from South Africa has just broken this stereotype by constructing a large extension of her house — all on her own! 

Meet Zama Philisiwe Zungu, a 26-year-old “superwoman” who lives in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where her new masterpiece can be seen.  

Her photos went viral on various social media platforms because her achievement is just plain awesome, something that women can be proud of.  

In these photos, she can be seen single-handedly constructing a large extension of her house. 

Female Builder

From preparing the cement, making the measurements, and stacking the building blocks, all these things were done by no one but Zama alone.  

But just to make it clear, this lady has not gone “rogue” and built her house’s extension because of mere whim. 

Zama has all the expertise to back it up. 

She is a trained civil engineer who inherited her love for construction from her father, who is also a builder.

It was also the main reason why she decided to take an engineering course at Umgungundlovu TVET College in 2014. 

But one other great thing about her achievement is that it coincided with South African’s celebration of Women’s Month. That is why she became an unexpected “foster child” of the special celebration this year. 

Zama doesn’t keep it a secret that she doesn’t have any first-hand experience with actual house construction. 

But she was motivated by the practical exams she had passed during college, which pushed her to start and accomplish her project.  

Her finished house extension was a very symbolic achievement, not only for the women in South Africa but also for women all over the globe. 

Zama’s achievement has proved that women can also accomplish tough things that are usually associated with men.  

In an interview, Zama said: “Renovating my home is very fun and exciting at the same time, practicals are more fun than theory.” 

Indeed, she clearly showed what women could do if they just willingly act on their dreams instead of bowing to their doubts.  

Zama’s “engineering feat” is already impressive enough, but it is actually just the tip of her bigger and bolder dream. 

She shared in an interview that someday, she wants to establish her own construction company and motivate more women in the engineering industry.  

Zama also reminded everybody that they should always include their whole heart in everything they do and constantly improve and empower themselves. 

Without a doubt, these are the most important things we should hear and see right now as we face tougher challenges every single day. 

Thanks, Zama! 

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