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Adorable couple recreates wedding album in the same church and outfit

Adorable couple recreates wedding album in the same church and outfit

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If you will be given a chance to go back to a memory you have in the past and recreate it, what would that be and why? There can be a lot of special moments you would want to visit again, but you might want to consider this couple who chose to recreate their wedding memories.

Recreates wedding album

Carolyn and Kelly Gay are a married couple for about more than 70 years of age who decided to recreates wedding album in the same church and same outfit. The two had a white wedding in March 1971 at a local church.

Couple recreates wedding album

They went back to DSM First Church in Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate their golden anniversary by recreating their pictures that time to 50 years after that special day.

What’s great about their photo shoot was that the church where their wedding was held actually still had the same cross, alter, and candelabras that were present in the ceremony. This made their photos look almost exactly alike as if they just got married the same day.

This recreation was already planned about three years ago because Carolyn took that span of time to grow her hair back for the shoot and surprisingly, the wedding dress she wore on her twenties was still a perfect fit for her.

Carolyn said that the photo shoot lasted about an hour and a half which was a fun time for both of them to take new pictures. She mentioned that the church was painted a lot of times throughout the years but not a long time ago it was scraped back to its original color which was helpful for the nature of the shoot.

The couple didn’t just recreate their photos but they also took the time to rediscover the big event by searching for their receipts such as the food for their 200 estimated guests and also for their honeymoon that cost around $340.

Their expenses on their special day were as follows: $46.35 for Carolyn’s dress, $8.24 for the alterations on the dress, $63.82 for catering, $131.84 for the flowers, $91.20 for their four-night honeymoon to New Orleans, and $0.36 for gas.

The act of recreating their wedding album is a good way to cherish their memory of their special day, but what is the reason why they chose to do it? The answer lies on Carolyn’s most loved picture that she really wanted to recreate which was a photo of Jesus overlooking their wedding, where the shot was taken from the balcony that overlooked all of their guests who attended.

Carolyn badly wanted to recreate that photo. She was really into it.

And as for their 60th anniversary, Carolyn said that she doesn’t have any plans yet since they have to get there first.

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