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A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism

A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism

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  • A valiant mother risked her whole life trying to save her son with autism inside their burning house. 

Risking one’s life for someone is the ultimate expression of love. 

That’s what a courageous mother in California clearly showed when a tragic incident happened in her family’s home. 

In the early morning darkness of Saturday, Feda Almaliti was awakened by a sudden rise in heat — and emerging smokes around.  

She got the shock of her life when she discovered that her house is already burning — and it’s burning fast! 

In her panic, she quickly woke up her family and rushed outside the house.  

When they got out and just starting to make sense of everything, Almaliti felt a sudden chill on her bones — somebody’s missing. 

Valiant Mother Rushing Into The Fire 

Almaliti thought that everyone was able to escape from their burning two-story house, but discovered that her son is not with them. 

Her son, Muhammed, is a 15-year-old teen with autism, and without any hesitation, Almaliti quickly rushed inside their burning house to save her son.  

She bravely fought her way into the wrath of fire in a desperate attempt to bring her son out of their house. 

valiant mother

But unfortunately, both of them didn’t make it. 

Firefighters arrived minutes after the incident and rushed to save the mother and son inside the burning house. 

The responders were able to bring Feda and Muhammed outside and quickly brought them to a local hospital.  

But both of them were pronounced dead. 

While Almaliti’s sister and niece fortunately survived and only got minor injuries. 

One firefighter was also treated with minor injuries caused by the blazing fire that took 25 minutes to put out. 

The fire department concluded that the fire started in the house’s first-floor kitchen and is currently being investigated. 

Out of Tragedy, An Inspiration 

Almaliti’s selfless and motherly sacrifice spread quickly, not only in California but also in various parts of the world. 

The incident was heartbreaking, but it showed the extent of what a mother can do just to save the one she loves. 

But it was not Almaliti’s first time to do a heroic act. 

She was nationally known as an advocate of people with autism and has initiated efforts to provide them with a better life.  

Her daily journey to provide a better future for people with autism stems from her ultimate inspiration — Muhammed. 

Sarah Trautman, one of Almaliti’s closest friends, described Muhammed as the center of Almaliti’s universe. 

She also said that both of them are inseparable, and not one of them could possibly live without each other. 

The Selfless Love of a Mother 

But there was one more heartbreaking yet inspiring thing that Trautman shared in an interview. 

She said that Almaliti was found hugging her beloved Mohammed when firefighters saw them in their second-floor bedroom. 

That desperate attempt to save her son is what any mother will surely do when their loved ones were caught in a life-threatening situation. 

Almaliti was hailed as a hero because of her selfless sacrifice, and her courageous act will serve as an inspiration for years to come. 

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