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How a Single Tweet Opened The Floodgates of Help For a Struggling Old Vendor?

How a Single Tweet Opened The Floodgates of Help For a Struggling Old Vendor?

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  • One good samaritan from India has asked his tweeter followers to help an struggling old vendor on a sidewalk who struggles to sell his plants every day. 
  • A lot of people were moved by the old man’s situation that even celebrities have joined to help this struggling man. 

When was the last time social media was used for something good? 

Well, this question might not be surprising at a time where various social media networks are used to spread things that are intended to harm. 

Today, these tools, which are intended to connect people from each other, are used to spread malice, fake news, and other negativities. 

Helping Struggling Old Vendor Using Twitter

But it is not to say that social media are only used for these things; there are moments when it is used for something good and commendable. 

Yes, it doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it undoubtedly refreshes someone’s day, and it’s an act worthy of being shared with everyone.

Let’s take a look at one incident that happened in India, where a Twitter user put his account into good use by seeking help for a man who struggles to sell plants on a sidewalk. 

An Indian Twitter user with the username @shubham_jain999 has posted pictures of a roadside elderly vendor named Revena Siddappa. 

Helping Struggling Old

In the images, Siddappa can be seen sitting on a sidewalk selling his plants while holding an umbrella to shield himself from the sun. 

When the Twitter user saw the man on the sidewalk, he was compelled to help the man by reaching out to his Twitter followers. 

Siddappa’s plants cost 10-30 rupees or 13 to 40 cents when converted into dollars, and it appears that the elderly man struggles to sell his items. 

The old man was not looking for any help at that time, but he was lucky enough that someone has decided to help him.

Moments after the Twitter user posted a plea for help for the old vendor, it not only garnered thousands of likes but also responses to help. 

It also caught the attention of the Indian actor and equestrian Randeep Hooda, who asked for the old man’s exact address to deliver his help directly to him. 

The actor also leveraged his popularity and urged his Twitter followers to contribute any help they can provide for the old vendor. 

The flow of good luck for the old man has never stopped there as other celebrities followed suit to help and spread awareness about him.

Both celebrities and non-celebrities have joined together to help the old man who was obviously struggling every single day just to survive.

A federation of NGOs called Changemakers of Kanakapura has also joined this noble cause by providing Siddappa with more plants to sell. 

And all these things came from a single tweet. Yes, on a single tweet. 

This incident clearly showed us the things that can happen if social media is used in the right way: It can provide help and expresses one’s love for other people. 

Just imagine if everyone could use social media for a good cause, without a doubt, this world would certainly be a better place for everyone. 

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