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A Steel Company Decided To Reward Its Employees With Brand New Cars!

A Steel Company Decided To Reward Its Employees With Brand New Cars!

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  • A company in China has rewarded its employees with 4,116 brand new cars because of their impressive performance. 

What could be the best way to motivate employees nowadays? 

Reward them a brand new cars! 

That’s precisely what a steel company in China did with their dedicated and loyal workforce. 

Jiangxi West Dajiu & Steel Corporation has just rewarded its employees with brand new cars for surpassing the firm’s target profits for five straight years! 

The company bought 2,933 Jiangling Ford Territory and 1,183 FAW-Volkswagen Magotan (which totals to 4,116 cars) and distributed these to its employees. 

brand new cars

According to the steel company’s management, these “bonuses” are a fitting expression of their appreciation for their workforce’s performance. 

Reaching a company’s target profits is something to commend about, but doing the extra mile to surpass it for five consecutive years is really incredible. 

The price tag for the 4,116 Ford and Volkswagen cars were reported to be $500 million yuan ($74 million) — which might be s steep price but a worthy reward for hardworking employees. 

And if that’s not good enough, the steel company announced a few more surprises for its workforce. 

Not only will they provide cars, but they will also cover the expenses of producing the license plates, the cars’ five-year auto insurance, and vehicle taxes. 

All the cars were delivered to the company’s employees in batches prior to the celebration of the National Day holiday. 

Hundreds of these cars were proudly displayed in an open space, and the drone shots showed how impressive these rewards really were. Why? Because it’s not every day that a company would make a jaw-dropping bulk purchase of brand new cars as a reward for its employees. 

But it’s not only the purchase of these brand new cars that were impressive but the reason behind it. 

The steel company clearly showed to its employees that they are greatly appreciated for their hardwork,      dedication, and loyalty.                                                                                                                                                

The photos of happy employees beside their brand new cars quickly became viral on various Chinese social media. 

But as with any viral content on the web, it was met with both praises and criticisms. Some praised the company’s impressive gesture of rewarding its employees. 

But others criticized the company’s decision to distribute thousands of these cars. 

According to them, the company should have provided their employees with checks instead so they can buy the car of their choice. 

But even though the steel company’s decision was met with mixed reactions, there is no doubt that  Jiangxi’s employees felt really appreciated by its gesture. 

It serves as an inspiration for other companies to do the same by rewarding its employees for their hardwork and loyalty.

As every successful firm around the world knows, a motivated and appreciated workforce is the most powerful force behind every company’s success. 

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Video Source: CHINA LIVE
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