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A Space Hotel Booking Today? Why Not!

A Space Hotel Booking Today? Why Not!

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  • Space hotels are getting closer to reality! 
  • People are now given a chance to book for a future stay in a space hotel.

Admit it, a space hotel is something that you would want to visit within your lifetime, right? 

And that might be a crazy idea ten years ago. 

But NOT today., an online travel site giant, is offering an incredible opportunity for us to book for a future stay in a space hotel!

This exciting news was announced on its website called One Small Step For Space Hotels

It might sound like a crazy promotion, but actually, it makes a LOT of sense. 

Let us find out why. 

The Rise of Space Hotels 

Space hotels, which would be part of a soon-to-be giant space tourism industry, are not far from the future.  

The giants in the aerospace industry are all gearing up to launch their own space hotels in outer space. 

Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Orion Span, and Boeing are all making significant progress in building up their space hotels. 

What Each Company Has To Offer 

1. Virgin Galactic

The company is planning to roll out regular suborbital flights through its VSS Unity spaceplane. 

Virgin Galactic’s upcoming service already has a long waiting list of paying customers thrilled to experience space for the first time. 

2. SpaceX 

Instead of just landing tourists around Earth’s orbit, the company wants to bring tourists around the lunar orbit! 

There had been delays in its plan’s progress, but SpaceX’s capabilities prove that it can pull off this kind of ambitious service.  

3. Blue Origin 

This space company plans to build a rocket that can carry six passengers with each flight.  

It also plans to equip its rocket with a facility where passengers can enjoy the space’s weightlessness even more.  

4. Orion Span 

The company is planning to launch a private commercial space station called Aurora Space Station. This structure is expected to accommodate six passengers at a time. 

But even before assembling Aurora into space, Orion Span has already sold several months’ worth of reservations, which costs more than £7 million!  

5. Boeing 

Boeing is developing a highly capable crew capsule called Boeing CST-100 Starliner, which would help transport tourists to space.  

It was also authorized by NASA to sell seats for people who want to experience space for the first time.  

These exciting developments would surely make space visits more available (and affordable) for a lot of people. 

That is why booking for a space hotel in the near future is not too much of a crazy idea, right? 

Ahh, The Good Life! 

Since space hotels are still a few years away, it’s still hard to imagine how staying there would be like.  

Fortunately, gave us a glimpse of how these futuristic hotels would serve us in the future. 

For the outfits, the usual hotel robes might be best left on Earth. 

Since visitors will stay in a futuristic hotel, they obviously need an outfit that can match the futuristic environment. 

space hotel

Space hotels might offer ‘Space Suit Robes’ and ‘Moon Boot Slippers’ as an alternative to the usual (and boring) amenities found in Earth hotels.  

A deck pool with a stunning view of the outer space is also expected to be offered by space hotels in the future. (London’s glitzy $12 million Infinity Pool will surely cringe on this one) 

After a long day in space, tourists’ hungry tummies will be satisfied by the onboard ‘Meteor Minibar’ filled with ‘space-themed’ snacks.  

Whew! Can’t wait to experience these things! 

A Glimpse of An Exciting Future 

The future is indeed exciting, but the real good news is, we don’t have to wait for too long! 

We are only a couple of years away before we can experience the vastness of space for the first time! 

And’s unique contest is just a glimpse of what the future has to offer.  

There is certainly more to come, and this generation is lucky to experience these things — things that past generations can only dream of. 

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