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A Real-Life Tooth Fairy Surprised a 3rd-Grade Boy

A Real-Life Tooth Fairy Surprised a 3rd-Grade Boy

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  • A boy got a surprise package from a Tooth Fairy he messaged months ago.

Tooth fairies do exist in real-life — atleast in the form of kind strangers. 

Lucas Hamrick, a third-grader from Knox County in South California, got a surprise of his life.  

All of a sudden, a package for him arrived at their doorsteps (which didn’t come from any of his relatives). 

This special package, believe it or not, came from a … ‘Tooth Fairy’!

tooth fairy

(Yes, sometimes, magical creatures need to get some help with a local courier service). 

But Lucas was wondering why would a Tooth Fairy send him a special package in the first place. 

After a few moments of thinking, at last, he remembered why.  

It All Started In The Beach 

It turns out that the package was a response from a letter that Lucas wrote months ago. 

The third-grader lost his tooth on the Myrtle Beach in South California while doing his favorite boogie boarding.  

A boogie board is a type of surfboard which is much shorter than a standard board. The rider lies on a boogie board rather than standing on it. 

Worried that he won’t be able to find his tooth, which already washed away in the large waves, his mom came to the rescue. 

Seeing his son’s “major worry”, Ashley Hamrick suggested a ‘magical’ solution to Lucas: To send a letter to a Tooth Fairy. 

Lucas was delighted with this idea, so he immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started explaining what just happened to him.   

With the help of his mom, he composed a nice letter and put it in the bottle. He then threw it into the ocean hoping that his Tooth Fairy would be able to find it.  

At last, Lucas was put at ease, believing that he had successfully sent his message to the magical creature. 

But of course, Ashley knew that no one would really pick it up. 

It’s just her fancy way of putting a smile on her son’s face after an unfortunate event.  

After that, both of them came home with a happy smile. But it appears that the Tooth Story doesn’t end with that message in the bottle. 

Unknown to them, a major surprise would arrive at their doorsteps months after that incident. 

A ‘Magical’ Package Arrived At Their Home 

It appears that a Tooth Fairy was able to see their letter, but was ‘too busy’ to deliver her package personally. 

So instead of flying miles away to the Hamrick residence, she may have thought that sending it through a courier service might be more convenient.  

When the package arrived, Ashley was surprised by the Dayton, Ohio postmark. She wondered who might have sent an unexpected package for his son from that place. 

And when his son opened the brown envelope, both of them can’t help but smile. 

The package came from … the Tooth Fairy! 

Ashley can’t believe that someone would really respond to the Message In The Bottle that Lucas threw on the ocean months ago.  And she was very happy.

What The Package Contains 

When Lucas opened the envelope, he was delighted to see a necklace with a shark tooth pendant. It was a wonderful and fitting gift from the Tooth Fairy since he lost his tooth in the ocean. 

But what’s even more wonderful is the heartfelt letter of the Tooth Fairy for Lucas. 

The Fairy said that his message was delivered to her by ‘mermaids’ and wanted to give him a shark tooth as a remembrance of his vacation.  

She also reminded Lucas of brushing his teeth twice a day and even suggested that flossing is also good for his teeth.  

The Tooth Fairy ended the letter by wishing him all the best. 

A Very Thankful Mother 

Ashley appreciated the gift so much, but can’t personally thank the kind stranger who sent the package. 

She instead posted this wonderful incident on Facebook to spread the stranger’s kindness to everyone. 

Through her post, Ashley said that with the wonderful gift that his son received, she realized that there is still goodness in humanity.  

She added that if we can just see more of this kind gesture every day, it would certainly bring happiness to everyone.  

Also, one more important thing we should learn from this inspiring story is that doing good things shouldn’t always come with credits.  

Sometimes, addressing oneself as a ‘Tooth Fairy’ should be enough. 

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