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A Rare Harry Potter Book Could Fetch You a $65,000 Reward

A Rare Harry Potter Book Could Fetch You a $65,000 Reward

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  • A dad was shocked to know that his 20-year-old Harry Potter book can earn him a sizable fortune. 

Care to check your bookshelves again? 

A British expat, who lives in Luxembourg, was stunned to know that his old Harry Potter book could possibly fetch a $65,000 cash.  

But this book, which has been sitting on his bookshelf for more than 20 years, is not an ordinary one. 

His ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ book is a very rare and scarce edition of the phenomenal 

best-selling series.  

Harry Potter Book

The one in his possession is one of the only 500 books printed when the book first came out. 

300 of these books went to various schools and libraries, and the remaining 200 were purchased by individual buyers. 

It was way back in 1999 and it’s slightly hard to expect that 200 of these books can be found today in good condition. 

And that’s what makes the British expat’s book really special. 

Aside from being an original 1999 first edition Harry Potter book, it is in unbelievable good condition. 

The sought-after rare book will be sold at Hansons’ Staffordshire Library Auction

According to Jim Spencer, Hanson’s resident book expert, the book’s impressive good condition can possibly fetch £50,000 or roughly $65,000.

The Story Behind The Harry Potter Rare Book 

The British expat who owns the book said that he bought the book to develop his children’s English language fluency. 

According to him, he bought the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ 18 months after it was published and bought it by mail order from Barnes & Noble.  

The book became a nightly companion for his three children as he used it every night for their bedtime story. 

He also praised JK Rowling because her book gave him a lot of opportunities to discuss important things with his children.  

Indeed, the book has served its purpose well, but he didn’t even expect that it would have another special purpose in the future.  

The Philosopher Stone’s New Role 

Today, the dad is planning to ‘use’ again the book to help one of his children. 

He said that the amount he will receive from the sale of his book would be used to pay for her daughter’s student loan. 

It will help his daughter establish a good credit rating that will enable her to apply for a mortgage in the future. This will give her daughter an opportunity to buy a home and start a new life. 

Apart from being a rare book, one more amazing thing about this book is how it played important roles in their family’s life.  

What started as a language improvement tool will now be used to establish a good future for one of her daughters. 

Nobody has thought that this is how the book’s ‘story’ will unfold in their life. 

The dad, who wished not to be named, is stunned and grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

With this, the magic of the book is indeed real and alive, after all. 

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