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A Man Chose To Resurrect From His Death

A Man Chose To Resurrect From His Death

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  • A man’s last wish was granted by his children: To pull a prank on his funeral.
  • The funeral’s video became viral and received positive comments. 

Someone has just pulled a Funeral Prank.

Funeral Prank

In such a serene and dignified gathering like a funeral of a respected Defence Force veteran, how can someone have the gall to initiate a prank among the mourners?

It turns out that the mourners cannot complain, as the surprising and hilarious prank was initiated by no less than the one who lies inside the coffin.

As the mourners are already saying their last goodbyes on Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley, one chilling and eerie incident have suddenly jolted the funeral-goers.

From out of nowhere, a voice suddenly shouted:

Let me out! It’s fu***ng dark here!” and was followed by “Is that the priest I can hear? This is Shay, I’m in the box!

Everybody suddenly looked at each other, and after a few moments, the funeral place was filled with hearty laughter. And everybody can clearly recognize who’s this voice was.

The Veteran’s Plan Before Leaving

It turns out that it was a well-planned prank from veteran Bradley himself, and her daughter, together with her siblings, was more than willing to participate in their father’s one last wish before leaving them.

According to them, the prank was planned by Bradley months before he died by recording the hilarious commentaries that were all heard well and clear by the funeral-goers.

Everybody clearly heard Bradley’s ‘haunting’ voice because of the speakers attached to the coffin.

It was a well-executed plan that Bradley might be snickering up there with the angels while giving them a big thumbs up. 

Also, instead of spending his last days on sadness, he busied himself on this great plan to bring one last laugh to everyone he loves.

For a man who has served his country and family well, the last thing that Bradley would want to see is to leave pain on the people he loves the most.

The Social Media Response

Bradley is obviously not aiming for social media fame, but her daughter knows that his father’s prank would surely bring delight to a lot people and send them a refreshing lesson.

Moments after uploading the hilarious funeral incident on social media, the fun and laughter that Bradley intended for his loved ones have spilled and spread all over the world.

A lot of people have appreciated the veteran man’s sense of humor and his sincerity to bring gladness to his loved ones. 

They have also learned from the video that there will always be a reason to be happy, even when one is facing imminent death.

No one will know for sure, but maybe, it was Bradley’s plan after all, to provide gladness, not only for his family but also for the world.

For Bradley’s one final message to his loved ones and to the world, he said:

Hello again, hello hello, I just want to say goodbye.

Indeed, it was a brilliant way to say goodbye. 

Rest in peace, Shay, and thank you for bringing a big wide smile and a hearty laugh to everybody and we all hope that you’re doing the same up there.

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