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A Lady Just Rose To Life After Being Declared Dead!

A Lady Just Rose To Life After Being Declared Dead!

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  • A 20-year-old lady who was pronounced as dead turns out to be alive. 
  • A Lady Just Rose To Life and was close to being embalmed by the funeral home staff before discovering that she was alive. 

Want a dose of some chills? Then a 20-year-old lady in Detroit, Michigan, might help. 

Timesha Beauchamp, who was officially declared dead by a doctor, suddenly rose to life right before being embalmed! 

A Lady Just Rose To Life

And as a spoiler alert, this was not even a prank at all — it was real. 

But what could be the logic (if there is any) behind this unusual and chilling incident? 

Well, let’s find out. 

What Went Before A Lady Just Rose To Life?

Paramedics rushed into Beauchamp’s residence to respond to a call that a lady was unresponsive and desperately needed medical help. 

The team of paramedics tried to revive the unconscious Timesha for 30 minutes and quickly consulted an A&E doctor. 

A&E stands for ‘Accidents and Emergency’, and A&E doctors deal with major, life-threatening illnesses and injuries. 

The doctor then declared that the unconscious Timesha was officially dead. 

This decision was based on the medical information gathered from the scene which was thoroughly examined by the doctor. 

But it appears that the Beauchamp family must prepare themselves for an even more shocking news that would follow. 

And this is something that they would not even expect. 

Timesha Suddenly Rose To Life! 

When Timesha was brought to a funeral home to be embalmed, the staff saw the shock of their lives.  

They saw that the lady they were about to embalm is actually … breathing! 

Without wasting any time, the funeral home staff quickly called for an emergency medical crew.  

As the medical crew arrived and examined Timesha, they were more than convinced that she was indeed alive. She was then immediately transferred to a hospital to receive much-needed medical help. 

It’s Time For The Story To Spread Like Wildfire 

Of course, this unusual and stunning story would not go unnoticed by the media. 

The family lawyer of the Beauchamp family, Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, spoke to a Detroit-based TV station.  

He said that Timesha was so lucky to be discovered alive right before being embalmed. 

The process of embalming involves the draining of the blood out of a person’s body. 

This procedure is certainly okay for someone who is already dead and totally unimaginable for someone who is still alive. 

Had not Timesha opened her eyes and breathed immediately, she would be literally killed by the embalming procedure.  

Questions are now circulating if there is someone to be blamed about this close-to-fatal incident. 

Meanwhile, the Detroit Medical Center released an official statement saying that Timesha is in a critical condition right now. The hospital has ensured everybody that it would do everything it can to save the young girl’s life. 

Erica Lattimore, Timesha’s mother, also spoke to the media to express her grief. 

She says that it is really hard for her to see her daughter in this kind of situation. 

Erica also added that she was so devastated by what is happening to her daughter right now. 

This statement resonated, not just with her fellow mothers, but on all parents who clearly understand what she is going through. 

The authorities are now investigating this incident to find out if there is someone liable in this unusual event. 

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