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A Handicapped 13-Year-Old Boy Inspires Everybody With His Wonderful Heart

A Handicapped 13-Year-Old Boy Inspires Everybody With His Wonderful Heart

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  • Even with his handicapped situation, Liem Kaplan, a 13-year-old boy, has made it his life’s mission to provide help and extend his love for other people.

Yes, there is still so much goodness (and hope) in this world. 

When everything seems to be filled with hatred, uncertainty, and self-interests, one boy has proved that there is still a chance for goodness to takeover. 

He is Liem Kaplan, who was adopted as an 11-month-old infant in Vietnam and is now living in Washington with his family. 

As a 13-year-old boy, Liam has already shown a sincere interest in providing help for other people, and his parents are truly proud of his passion. 

It’s amazing to see that at his young age, he has already appreciated the deep importance of helping other people. 

But what’s more surprising is that he has been consistent and passionate about this endeavor despite his physical condition. 

A handicapped heart

Liam was born with a physical defect in his arms, which made his life a bit different and inconvenient from other people. But it has never been a hindrance for Liam to pursue his passion for helping other people and extending his love. 


With the full support of his parents, he had successfully conducted various campaigns that have provided assistance for others –especially for vulnerable kids. 

And with the explosion of the COVID-19 throughout the world, Liam knows that it was not the perfect time to hide inside his room. 

If he wasn’t stopped by a birth defect from helping other people, then nothing will — even a pandemic. 

Instead of stopping at his tracks, Liam quickly geared up and thought of ways to extend his help during the pandemic. 

Since he started his campaign to help those people that are greatly affected by the pandemic, Liam has already gathered 5,000 face masks, sanitizers, clothing, and food from donations. 

The wonder kid hadn’t any hard time seeking donations for his campaign because he has been doing this commendable act since he was six! 

The generous donations he received came from people who have seen how passionate he was with he is doing. It came from the people who strongly believe in his sincerity to help. 

One of the lucky people who have experienced Liam’s goodness was a homeless 62-year-old man named Tony. 

He recalled how Liam had helped him find a hotel so that he can have a safe place to stay in. Tony can’t believe that this incredible act of kindness came from a 13-year-old boy, who was not even related to him! 

Tony was so moved at what Liam has done that he can’t help but call him an ‘angel.’

Indeed, Liam has proved that a young age and a physical defect are not hindrances to pursuing what the world really needs. 

Yes, he may not extend his arms properly, but he has managed to extend the message of hope and love to the people around his community. 

If you want to be part of Liam’s mission to help more people in need, you may donate to The Giving Hope Project to help him expand his reach even further. 

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