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A ‘Dunkin’ Marriage of a Lovely Couple Became Viral and Left Everyone Inspired And Blushing

A ‘Dunkin’ Marriage of a Lovely Couple Became Viral and Left Everyone Inspired And Blushing

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  • A couple who first met at a Dunkin’ drive-thru counter decided to make their vows in that very same place!

It all started with a smile … and a twinkle in the eye.

Entitled “Dunkin Marriage”

Who thought that romance and true love can ever bloom in a place like a … drive-thru? 

Yes, you’ve read it right. 

A couple in Oklahoma has gone viral because of their unusual yet fascinating marriage that took in the most unusual place. 

Sugar Good is a general manager of Dunkin’ in Oklahoma City. 

With that job, it’s not new to her to meet hundreds of different customers every day. But it seems that with all these people, one particular customer has caught her eye. 

Even with the throngs of customers that flow in and out of their Dunkin’ branch, her eyes (or should we say, her heart) would always manage to see this “special” customer. 

Good cannot tell at that time if she was in love, but her actions were already a giveaway. 

Out of the hundreds of orders she receives every day, there was only one daily order that she has managed to memorize– and it belongs to this customer. 

It would always be a large hot-coffee (with cream and sugar) and a sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich every morning. 

And oh, there was also another thing that she won’t forget about this customer, and it was his smile and the sparkles in his eyes. 

Yes, Good was indeed inlove.

This customer is John Thompson, and he’s been a regular customer on the branch where Good is located. 

And in all the days they have met in the Dunkin’s drive-thru, it turns out that both Good and Thompson has been playing “hide-and-seek” all along! 

Both of them were actually interested in each other, but no one was daring at that time to make the first move. 

But one “brave soul” was able to rise from this hesitation — and it was Thompson. 

When he finally asked Good for a date, he was caught off-guard but delightfully surprised when Good immediately gave her phone number. 

From their first date (which they spent on a mini-golf course), Good and Thompson’s relationship bloomed by leaps and bounds since that day. 

And before they knew it, they find themselves engaged with each other. 

After seven months of engagement, this lovely couple knew that there’s no way to go but to the altar. 

But both Good and Thompson had a better (and fascinating idea). What better way to tie the knots by doing it in the very exact place where their love first started? 

Yes, they’ve decided to exchange vows on the Dunkin’s drive-thru counter! 

They were joined by their friends, family, and lots of, what else, but donuts! What’s even better is that Dunkin’ customers were also able to join in this fantastic celebration. 

Dunkin Marriage

At last, from the very window where their eyes first met, they were finally able to say the two words that would bind their hearts forever: “I do.” 

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