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A 70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran Bravely Charged On a Burning House To Save His Neighbors

A 70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran Bravely Charged On a Burning House To Save His Neighbors

70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran
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  • Even with his old age, a 70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran didn’t think twice about saving his neighbors from their burning house.

Heroes in real life are just truly more incredible than those we see in movies.

A 70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran

In Salem, Illinois, has proved how real this fact was by bravely going inside a burning house to save its occupants. 

He is Marshall Helm, an Airforce veteran who was obviously not a newcomer to critical and life-threatening situations. 

And he didn’t expect that in his retirement years, his strength and bravery as a soldier would be tested again.       

When Helm was bringing his granddaughter to the bus station, a bus driver suddenly called his attention to an alarming situation. 

He turned his head to where the bus driver was pointing, and he saw his neighbor’s house fuming with really dark smoke. 

Soldier instincts

His ‘soldier instincts’ kicked in again and immediately charged straight to the house. 

The house was not engulfed with fire yet, but he was more than certain that within minutes, the fire would completely consume the house.

But aside from the fire, he was more alarmed on one other thing: Why hasn’t anybody is coming out of the house? 

With all his strength, he desperately opened the house’s garage door so that his neighbors could hear him shout. 

It turns out that at that time, Gary and Kathy Benjamin, Helm’s neighbors, were sleeping upstairs, so they were not aware of what’s happening. 

Upon hearing Helm’s desperate shouts, they immediately woke up and smelled the smoke that was coming from their house. 

Waking up and seeing that their house was quickly burning totally confused them, but they wasted no time and immediately escaped from their home with Helm. 

The unfortunate part of this story was that the Benjamins had lost their home. On top of that, they also suffered from minor smoke inhalation. 

Yes, they may have lost their homes, but it cannot be compared to the thing that they were able to save — their lives. 

And it became possible because of Helm’s bravery, who briefly “came out from his retirement” to be a soldier again, this time, for his neighbors. 

Helm never expected that he would once again taste the feeling of great danger during his retirement years. 

But he has no regrets about being pulled into this situation because it has proved that his brave spirit was still alive and well within him. 

70-Year-Old Airforce Veteran

Helm taught us, through his heroic action that bravery is one of the most important traits we should have. 

It not only develops our character but also saves the most precious thing we have in this world– life.

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