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A 15-Year-Old-Girl’s Impressive PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Dad To Adopt A Cat

A 15-Year-Old-Girl’s Impressive PowerPoint Presentation To Convince Her Dad To Adopt A Cat

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  • A teenage girl created a PowerPoint Presentation to convince her dad to adopt a pet cat for her. 
  • Her dad tweeted her presentation, and everybody was impressed, including the tech giant Microsoft. 

An important message for the kids: This might be the most effective way to nag your parents. 

Twitterverse is alive and active again because of one tweet that caught everybody’s attention.  

(Hint: It’s not from President Trump)

The viral tweet comes from Christopher Doyle, a father of four and a resident of Toronto, Canada.  

In his tweet, Mr. Doyle shared his 15-year-old daughter’s “unusual” PowerPoint Presentation. 

This presentation was his daughter’s attempt to persuade him on one specific request– to adopt a cat. 

Without a doubt, this could be the most “professional-looking” nag the world has ever seen.  

Doyle said that he simply tweeted his daughter’s presentation because he found it really hilarious. But what came next is something he didn’t even expect. 

When The Twitter verse Sided With His Daughter 

In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Doyle was surprised to see his Twitter account flooded with so much comments. 

These comments literally came from different parts of the world, which voices out one appeal: Allow her daughter to have a cat. 

He never expected that his simple tweet could trigger a “global movement” to convince him to fulfill her daughter’s simple wish.  

According to him, her eldest daughter is having so much fun with the “worldwide support” she is getting right now. 

Mr. Doyle also said that he was moved by the people who shared their inspiring cat stories in his comment section. 

With the overwhelming support for her daughter, the No-To-Cats-At-Home dad finally gave in. 

It is amusing (and hilarious) to see how a simple PowerPoint presentation from a teen has lead to wonderful things. 

But what exactly are the contents of this presentation that swayed countless cat lovers all over the world?

Let’s find out. 

The Viral PowerPoint Presentation 

PowerPoint Presentation

In what could be a perfect guide for a ‘persuasive’ pitch, here are the exact arguments expressed by Mr. Doyle’s daughter on her PowerPoint Presentation:

“All of my fellow siblings, though their opinions are less important, would love to have a cat.”

“Having pets can lower stress levels and make you happier.”

“Since it’s a cat, you don’t have to take it outside every day for walks.”

“I would be in charge of cleaning up the cat and the litter box.” 

“I am aware of the duties of taking care of a pet (I’ve researched this stuff for over 5 years. I’m more than prepared)” 

“It would be so cute please.” 

And as a smooth way to end her presentation, the 15-year-old teen said: “Thank you for watching, and please consider.” 

Admit it, who wouldn’t fall in love with these arguments? No wonder it captured the hearts (and laughs) of people all over the world. 

Not only that, even Microsoft was impressed by the teen’s PowerPoint Presentation! The tech giant replied on Mr. Doyle’s tweet and said: “A very compelling presentation. She has us convinced.” 

A Cat Was Finally Adopted 

Mr. Doyle updated everyone about the progress of his daughter’s (and her legion’s) request of adopting a cat. 

According to him, they’re fortunate to meet a recently arrived kitten when they’ve visited a local shelter. What’s more, the fluffy baby is already available for adoption! 

The kids (especially her daughter) quickly fell in love with the rescue kitten. The family brought it home, and the siblings all agreed to name their new cat “Tokyo.” 

Finally, after years of waiting, her daughter can now hug her very own cat every single day. Thanks to her “compelling” presentation skills and her supporters worldwide, her greatest wish finally came true. 

But it turns out that the PowerPoint “saga” doesn’t end there. 

Someone Is Attempting To Do The Same 

It appears that a NEW PowerPoint Presentation is already brewing inside Doyle’s residence.  

Christopher Doyle tweeted a new announcement that caught a lot of attention (again). But this time, it doesn’t refer to his eldest daughter, but on his youngest daughter. 

Here’s his tweet: “My youngest child: This is great! I’m going to make a PowerPoint presentation on why I want a turtle!” 

And with it, the presentation saga continues.

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