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A 14-Year-Old College Degree Holder Stuns The World

A 14-Year-Old College Degree Holder Stuns The World

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  • A Teenage Texas boy recently earned his college degree at the age of 14! 

Is this for real? 

A 14-year-old kid in Texas has grabbed headlines recently because of his unbelievable achievement – obtaining a college degree.  

This wonder kid is Ian Schiltz, who started his college journey at the age of 12 and recently finished his two-year degree course. 

And everybody can’t help but be amazed by his achievement. 

texas boy

But it’s hard to think why a kid like him would have an immense motivation to achieve something bigger than himself. 

Certainly, there must be somebody behind him who motivates him every step of the way, right? 

But who could this be? 

The Wonder Kid’s ‘Power Source’ 

More than the prized college degree, Ian’s motivation to achieve his incredible feat comes from his older sister. 

And as a fun fact, his sister, Hayley Schiltz, is really the first wonder kid in their family. 

Hayley got accepted in college at the age of 9 and in law schools at the age of 16!

Also, she is currently the “record-holder” of being the youngest student to ever attend the Southern Methodist University law school. (One might wonder if anyone can beat her record?)

Hayley has been instrumental in motivating Ian to achieve great feats just like her. 

Since they had a chance to become classmates at Tarrant Country College, she closely trained him on how to become a “pro” in academics. 

And Hayley’s effort to support his little brother was all paid-off. 

The Team Behind The Achievement of Texas Boy 

Ian’s parents were the first ones to develop an environment to develop his and his sister’s natural abilities. 

William Schiltz and Dr. Myiesha Taylor have been very instrumental in establishing their strong foundations. 

They were the first ones to see the immense potential of Ian and Hayley, and they’ve supported both of them in developing their abilities. 

Their father shared that homeschooling became an important part of establishing the Schiltz siblings’ foundation. He also added that he and his wife were so impressed with the two kids’ faster-than-expected progress. 

The Unbelievable Ian 

Just to give you an idea of what Ian has been doing during his college days, let us take a look at all the subjects he took:  

  • Computer coding
  • Digital arts, and animation
  • Foreign language
  • Algebra, science
  • English composition
  • U.S history
  • (and yes, even art appreciation) 

Without any difficulties, Ian has managed to finish all these subjects successfully. 

Aside from having a college degree at such a young age, Ian is also managing his very own company called Kidlamity Gaming, which hosts videogame tournaments for kids like him.

On top of these things, he is already gearing up to pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

A business administration degree or attending a medical school are the two paths he is currently choosing right now. 

Pursuing a medical course has always been one of his choices because he greatly admires his mother, who is a medical professional.  

Serving as an Inspiration 

Ian is truly a wonder kid, but aside from his incredible achievements, there is one more thing that makes him amazing. 

In his story, we can clearly see his unwavering determination to reach and grasp his dreams. 

Yes, he is intellectually gifted and has the full support of his family, but without his determination, all these assets would be useless. 

He clearly showed that one’s determination is still one of the greatest factors in anyone’s success. 

And that is the most important lesson we could learn from his one-of-a-kind story 

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