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At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!
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Tickets To Space by Yusaku Maezawa

At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, offers free tickets to space for eight lucky people around the world.  He and his future crewmates would use SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft, and they are scheduled to make a trip around the moon in 2023.  There’s no doubt that everybody would love to go to

A Space Hotel Booking Today? Why Not!

Space hotels are getting closer to reality!  People are now given a chance to book for a future stay in a space hotel. Admit it, a space hotel is something that you would want to visit within your lifetime, right?  And that might be a crazy idea ten years ago. 

Paintings That Will Travel All The Way To Space

Two companies have teamed up to send Blue Origin paintings to space and back to the Earth.  The paintings, once it returned to the Earth, will be available for auction.  Who would even dream of putting delicate paintings on the vast outer space and bring them back to the Earth? 

Experience The New: TESLA S

Tesla S all up with geared technical elegance and high tech smart solution for your daily needs. Model S has a powerful interior aspect with high power motor that can gear up to 60 miles in just 1.99 sec. It also has an aerodynamic body, which provides aerodynamic for more

A Heroic Nurse Has Decided To Donate Her Kidney To An 18-Month-Old Baby

A heroic nurse who works in New Jersey has decided to donate her kidney to a baby named Bodie, who badly needs a kidney transplant at that time.
Bodie’s parents weren’t able to donate their kidneys because of two reasons: first, the blood type of his father doesn’t match with him, and two, Bodie’s mother has already donated her kidney to his older sister.

A Handicapped 13-Year-Old Boy Inspires Everybody With His Wonderful Heart

Even with his handicapped situation, Liem Kaplan, a 13-year-old boy, has made it his life’s mission to provide help and extend his love for other people. Yes, there is still so much goodness (and hope) in this world.  When everything seems to be filled with hatred, uncertainty, and self-interests, one

A Steel Company Decided To Reward Its Employees With Brand New Cars!

A company in China has rewarded its employees with 4,116 brand new cars because of their impressive performance.  What could be the best way to motivate employees nowadays?  Reward them a brand new cars!  That’s precisely what a steel company in China did with their dedicated and loyal workforce.  Jiangxi

Dog rescued by a guy from Kazakhstan: Human chain saves the dog’s life.

Dog rescued! When the world is falling apart when people are killing each other and destroying nature, some people are still trying to save as many lives as possible. It’s not just people trying to save even animals, no matter if they risk their own lives. These people showed the

A Brave Boy Runs Into Action To Protect His Family From Intruders

A brave kid was caught in a CCTV footage trying his best to protect his family from hooded home intruders.  The Avengers would certainly want this kid to be on their team.  What a Brave Kid! In South Bend, Indiana, a brave kid was caught on camera trying his best

A Robotic Chef For Your Kitchen Will Soon Go On Sale!

A kitchen appliance equipped with Artificial Intelligence can cook thousands of recipes all by itself.  Even tech-savvy superheroes like Ironman and Batman have missed this one.  Meet Oliver, a robotic chef that can cook thousands of different meals at your command.  This one-of-a-kind (and in fact, first of its kind)

Moon Mission Planned In 2024!

NASA plans to send humans again on the lunar surface by 2024.  The mission, which is named ‘Artemis Mission’ includes sending the first woman on the moon and creating the first Moon space station.  At last, the world will witness a lunar mission again!  NASA, United States’ premier space agency,

Two(2) Airline Pilots Saw a Flying Man On Their Window!

Two(2) airline pilots from different airlines claim to have seen a man in a jetpack at 3,000 feet.  The FAA, FBI, and LAPD have all started investigating this incident.  Does Tony Stark has something to do with this?  One Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, tower operators were startled by

Your Favorite Tourist Spots Are Now Turned Into Amazing Miniature Wonders!

A theme park in Tokyo, Japan showcases its realistic Amazing Miniature of famous tourist spots around the world.  This theme park provides a chance for people to “travel” all over the world in the midst of travel restrictions.  Oh, at last, a real Shrink Ray Machine was finally invented!  Well,

NASA Launches ‘Perseverance’ and ‘Ingenuity’ To Mars

NASA Launches a New Rover and a Helicopter for Mars Mission  For the First Time, NASA Would Test a Flying Vehicle Inside the Martian Atmosphere  NASA Launches: Hello again, Mars. After NASA’s highly successful Spirit and Opportunity rovers, it is now ready to build on its breakthrough achievements by sending

Wine Straight From The Faucets and Showers! Check it out How this Happened?

Red Wine on Faucets and Showers flows freely.  A nearby winery leak caused this “free booze” to the residents.  The last time someone had turned water into wine was 2 millenniums ago.   And for some seemingly divine intervention, this miraculous incident had taken place again. This time, on the small

Have a Best friend, Get free Beers!

A US beer brand has come up with a scheme to help abandoned dogs have a family during this pandemic. The Busch is offering 3 months’ supply of beer to people who will foster or adopt dogs during the pandemic. What’s better than having a furry cuddly best friend? Let

China will launch its first mission to climb to Mars in July 2020

It was officially announced by China National Space Administration (CNSA) that China will launch Tianwen-1 in July. Could this project be another successful step ahead for humanity’s discoveries? According to China National Space Administration (CNSA)’s announcement; China will launch its first mission Tianwen-1 or also envisioned as the “Quest for

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