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From Being a Janitor To Becoming a Registered Nurse: A Woman’s Inspiring Leap To Success
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An Inspiring Story of a Taco Bell Employee Who Saved a Man’s Life

Taco Bell Employee night shift manager saved a man’s life by performing CPR.  She encourages everyone to learn CPR so they can also save lives during unexpected situations.  Not all heroes hide in fancy headquarters; sometimes, they can be found in a nearby TacoBell restaurant.   But nope, TacoBell hasn’t changed

A Handicapped 13-Year-Old Boy Inspires Everybody With His Wonderful Heart

Even with his handicapped situation, Liem Kaplan, a 13-year-old boy, has made it his life’s mission to provide help and extend his love for other people. Yes, there is still so much goodness (and hope) in this world.  When everything seems to be filled with hatred, uncertainty, and self-interests, one

A Chihuahua With Birth Defects Was Hailed As The Dog Hero of The Year

A Chihuahua with physical difficulties was voted by Americans as their Dog Hero of the Year Who says birth defects can be a hindrance to be an inspiration for others?  Meet Mackenzie, a Chihuahua who was born with unfortunate defects and seemed to have every reason to give up in

A Steel Company Decided To Reward Its Employees With Brand New Cars!

A company in China has rewarded its employees with 4,116 brand new cars because of their impressive performance.  What could be the best way to motivate employees nowadays?  Reward them a brand new cars!  That’s precisely what a steel company in China did with their dedicated and loyal workforce.  Jiangxi

Teenage Prime Minister Takes Over Finland

Finland has allowed a 16-year-old-teenager to be its Prime Minister for a day as part of its campaign to promote girls’ rights.  Ever seen a teenager taking over a country?  Well, in Finland, this sight is not as unusual as it sounds.  Finland Teenage Prime Minister In A Day The

How To Construct A House All By Yourself? An African Woman Shows You How

A South African woman became viral on social media because of her one impressive achievement: constructing an extension of her house all by herself.  Is constructing a house exclusive for men? See this Female builder Well, an inspiring woman from South Africa has just broken this stereotype by constructing a

A Pregnant Woman Just Took Her Bar Exam While In Labor

Delivering a baby boy and taking a bar exam fell on the same day for this wonder mom.  The incoming mother was so determined to finish her bar exam that she decided to go on with it while she labors.  When you thought bar exams couldn’t be any harder.  Pregnant

A Mother Risked Her Life To Save Her Son With Autism

A valiant mother risked her whole life trying to save her son with autism inside their burning house.  Risking one’s life for someone is the ultimate expression of love.  That’s what a courageous mother in California clearly showed when a tragic incident happened in her family’s home.  In the early

Nitesh Jaiswal with his family

‘Uneducated’ Parents Were Able To Produce 2 Medical Professionals

Poverty didn’t prevent Indian parents from helping their two sons obtain college degrees.  “There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.”  Seneca The Younger Everybody wants to get out of poverty, but not everybody is willing to pay the price for this freedom.  But this uneducated parents

A Real-Life Tooth Fairy Surprised a 3rd-Grade Boy

A boy got a surprise package from a Tooth Fairy he messaged months ago. Tooth fairies do exist in real-life — atleast in the form of kind strangers.  Lucas Hamrick, a third-grader from Knox County in South California, got a surprise of his life.   All of a sudden, a package

An Impressive Act of Sportsmanship

A triathlon athlete lets his opponent cross the finish line knowing that his fellow player deserves to win.  This inspiring act of sportsmanship earned a lot of praise from various parts of the world.  In a world filled with intense competitions, sportsmanship still endures.  This is what a lot of

A Homeless Woman Was Unexpectedly Hired By a Grocery Store

A homeless woman who lives in a parking lot was hired by the supermarket that owns the facility.  After months of hard work, this once homeless woman can now afford to move into an apartment to have a decent place to live in.  What would you do if you were

Stunning Artworks Painted Through a Lady’s Eyes!

Stunning Artworks of a lady with a paralyzed body produces beautiful paintings using her eyes.  EyeGaze technology brings hope to people with paralyzed bodies to interact with the world again.  Countless artworks have captivated humans’ eyes and senses throughout the ages.  These artworks may have varied forms and messages, but

A Heroic Nurse Gave Birth To A Beggar In The Street

A brave and Heroic Nurse in Philippines helped a beggar in giving her a successful birth. Not all heroes appear with a grand entrance, sometimes they simply appear as passers-by.  That’s what Lorraine Pingol, a nurse from the Philippines, has proved to everybody through her heroic act.  Lorraine never expected

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