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6 Famous people that post regular stories ig:
Know more about the Instagram stars

6 Famous people that post regular stories ig:
Know more about the Instagram stars

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Instagram is a platform where you can learn a lot about your favorite famous star and the celebrity lifestyle. Today, I will talk about the famous people that post a lot of Instagram stories (stories ig).

You can get inspired by these, get a laugh, get entertained, and learn from these stories ig. So let’s get started with our celebrities list of the best stories ig.

Famous people on Instagram that post lots of stories ig

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, aka the Cr7, post stories ig daily. If you are a fan of soccer and especially a lover of Cr7, you need to check his account out right now to get all the games and training stories.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s stories ig gets posted mostly regularly, and you can also see many posts about the artists. If you want to know what she is doing in her daily life or what kind of person Ari is, then you do need to follow her. There are many sweet posts and stories that Ari posts on her Instagram account.

The Rock

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, is the highest Hollywood star ever, the guy worth more than any other actor you will see. With over 200 million followers, Dwayne the Rock Johnson is also quite active with stories ig and posts. Suppose you are looking for a bodybuilder guy drinking tequila and working out all day, every day. Then you won’t get anyone else better than The Rock.

Kylie Jenner

The billionaire girl, and probably the wealthiest model ever, Kylie Jenner has an immense following on Instagram. That’s why she has a lot of stories ig going on every day on her Instagram account. If you want someone that is sexy, beautiful, hot, and owns her own business. Then Kylie is your girl; make sure to follow Kylie on Instagram.

Selena Gomez

One of the best singers ever born, Selena Gomez, is also on Instagram, posting lots of posts and stories ig. Love Selena Gomez, and wants to stay updated on everything she does? Then make sure to follow her Instagram account as you will see many things related to shoots, albums, songs, her rare beauty brand, etc.

The Kevin Hart

One of the best people ever, this guy is straightforward about whatever he does and says on the internet and the television. The biggest comedian ever born, the funniest actor, one of the most hard-working guys, and an inspiration for many people. Kevin Hart also posts many stories ig and posts that will inspire you, make you laugh, get you moving, motivated, and many other things.

So that was a few of the famous people that post regular posts and stories ig. Make sure to check them out and follow them for everyday entertainment and knowledge.

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