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5 Signs of Postpartum Depression That We Might Not Be Aware Of

5 Signs of Postpartum Depression That We Might Not Be Aware Of

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  • According to Mariela Summerhays, “We need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of another person,” as she raises awareness about the risk of postpartum depression.
  • The article involves self-harm and may be provocative to other readers. If you know someone who is suffering from postpartum depression, it is highly recommended to ask a medical professional.

According to Mariela, seven years ago – and several weeks into her new life to motherhood, her relatives were surprised to see her hair which was down from its bun for the first time in weeks.

She did not stop washing her hair, she still bathed and regularly used shampoo but sometimes, even before the lathers had been completely rinsed, she got bored and immediately stepped out of shower. Weeks passed and a bird’s nest developed at the back of her head that her hair finally needed a cutting.

Few years later, after the birth of her third and youngest child, intense and disturbing imaginations of what it would be like to harm herself would call her occasionally. It was just then when she recognized that her lack of engagement with the most basic self-care practices after her former pregnancies is a sign of a critical problem, leading her to write these 5 signs:

First sign is losing the ability for basic self-care.

After giving birth, your time will never be yours anymore. You are obligated to feed, change diapers, lullabies and put the baby to slumber. Now, imagine doing these chores repeatedly. It will always be difficult for the mommies to take care of themselves when they have to check on their babies time after time. It is quite normal but if there are other signs of neglect shown, for example, your nails are unusually severely flaked or overgrown, or it’s been a long time since you have brushed your teeth, then there might be another reason behind it.

Second sign is the losing of memory.

Being forgetful is somehow common for a new mom, but if there were times when you are cut-off of what you’re saying and even forgetting the main topic, or repeating a topic that was just discussed one or two topics ago, it indicates a more serious problem.

Third sign is when the former flame suddenly vanished.

Have you ever thought of an activity that will make you say

I really liked this, this was my passion but somehow, I no longer care to participate in this?

There might be other environmental causes as to why we experience sudden demotivation in our lives but if you gave birth for just a little while, like maybe days or weeks ago, it might be another story.

Fourth sign is unquenched tiredness.

It is even when you fall for a long, deep sleep yet you still wake up tired or you still choose your bed over dinners. You have to seek medical attention because what you’re experiencing is draining.

Fifth sign is the intense fear of going out.

It is when you know yourself as a party animal or just a quick shopper but suddenly lose all the confidence to pass through your door. Somehow, you might think that it’s a responsibility to guard your baby but if you feel different, then it might really be different.

Experiencing uncertainties? Seek for support.

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