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5 Horror Novels For Teens That Will Entertain You At Night!

5 Horror Novels For Teens That Will Entertain You At Night!

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Are you bored staying in your home and you want to read a horror book, then here are the five horror novels for teens, which are funny and scary? Horror books are also one of the most known genres in teen books. 

These books mentioned below features a different kind of stories which are scary and funny as well. We have tried to include every little thing to scare you and even make you roll over the floor. It has vampires, monsters, and even a ghost. So here is a list of five horror novels for teens that you should try.

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5 Horror Novels For Teens

The Cheerleaders- Kara Thomas

Overall rating = 9.5 / 10

Horror novels for teens
Horror novels for teens

Horror Novels For Teens: The cheerleader is a horror drama book that showcases some cheer girls who were found dead in a car accident. The story revolves around the strange deaths of these cheerleaders.

The story is somehow similar to various horror stories and showcases a keen interest in mysterious things. It is a must-read, and if you are into horror stories, this will give you chills and some scary things to think about while sleeping.

House of Salt and Sorrows- Erin A. Craig

Overall rating = 9 / 10

Horror Novels For Teens: This story is from medieval times and showcases a fairytale with a horror twist. The story revolves around 12 sisters who love dancing, and four of them died without any hints of what may have hurt them or killed them.

This story also showcases a boy who has some mysterious past and present. It has everything horror, cliffhanger, and teen romance. It is a must-read if you’re into fairy tales and you want to explore a different side of this genre.

Harrow Lake- Kat Ellis

Overall rating = 9 / 10

Horror Novels For Teens: Harrow lake is a book about the mysterious murder of a man in his New York apartment. The story revolves around a writer who has gotten killed in his apartment. Later on, her daughter was sent to her grandmother’s house in Harrow lake. 

Harrow lake is also the location of her father’s most sold book, which revolves around mysterious stories about the lake. The book is about the things that happened in the lake and to the villagers. The mystery starts when these things start happening in the real-life story also revolves around how the little girl manages to escape the evil.

Frankenstein: Or, the Modern Prometheus- Mary Shelley

Overall rating = 10 / 10

Horror Novels For Teens: This book is among the most sold book on this list. It gained popularity due to its sitcom and the movie, which got into words due to a scary and funny horror story. The story is about a scientist who creates a monster and gets terrified by his invention.

It also involves a little boy and girl, which creates the story a romcom and gives us something to talk about; It also has a sudden twist about the ending and doesn’t scare us. The book is not that horror and does not scare little children.

Yes, it is a funny story, but some scenes are scary, so overall, it is a good read if you want to read a funny but scary book.

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Dracula-Bram Stoker

Overall rating = 8.5 / 10

Horror Novels For Teens: Dracula is a book that has a keen and exciting story to it; If you are into vampire and Dracula, then it is a must-read. It should be on your list due to the story and all the cliffhangers.

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