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4-Legged Cars Will Soon Be a Norm In Our Streets

4-Legged Cars Will Soon Be a Norm In Our Streets

Hyundai Cradle
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  • 4-legged Car of Hyundai will soon manufacture a 4-legged walking car.
  • This futuristic car is planned to be used for rescue operations. 

Somebody just can’t get enough of the Transformers. 

Hyundai, the South Korean auto-manufacturing giant, has announced that it will soon create a whole new type of vehicle.  

But nope, it’s not some kind of futuristic flying car that various auto manufacturers are trying to create.  

What Hyundai is planning to build is not a flying car, but a .. walking car! 

4-legged car

Yes, you may rub your eyes with what you just have read. 

When almost everybody is racing to create their own flying cars, one manufacturing giant decided to build a walking car. 

Let’s have a closer look at this exciting car of the future. 

Flying Cars Are So Yesterday. NOW! 4-legged Cars

Last year, Hyundai unveiled a concept car in a big global event called CES.  

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual tradeshow where various companies showcase new products and technologies.  

In this event, they presented a concept car called “Elevate,” which Hyundai calls an “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle”: or UMV.  

What sets ‘Elevate’ apart from the other cars is its foldable four legs, with a wheel attached to each leg.  

It can be used like any other car, but it can quickly “transform” into a walking vehicle when the terrain gets tough. 

According to Hyundai, this vehicle is perfect for off-road terrains, climbing a five-foot wall, and exploring hard-to-reach areas.  

But That’s Not All 

The primary vision for “Elevate” is to be an emergency vehicle, where it can be used in areas that are too inconvenient for wheels. 

In its fully developed state, ‘Elevate’ and the UMVs, in general, can conquer the challenges that limit current rescue vehicles.  

UMVs can efficiently walk through large pieces of debris in a disaster area. This will enable rescuers to bring their rescue vehicle throughout the area and save more lives. 

Current rescue vehicles are forced to deploy first responders on the edge of a disaster area because it is not built to explore harsh terrains. Also, these vehicles are “born” with four wheels, which put a lot of limits on their capabilities. 

Other amazing capabilities of a UMV includes stepping on a wide five-foot gap while keeping its passengers completely safe. 

For non-extreme situations, the “Elevate” can also pick up wheelchair users who do not have any ramps on their doorsteps. 

Hyundai hopes to achieve next-level mobility on UMVs by imitating the efficiency of reptilian and mammalian movements.  

By combining the latest in robotics and wheeled technology, the company is aiming to produce a never-before-seen innovation in the automotive industry.  

The Latest Announcement This 2020 

After unveiling its concept car last 2019, Hyundai has revealed its next major step this 2020. 

The auto giant officially announced that it would form a new company division called “New Horizons Studio.”

This division will solely focus on the development of the Ultimate Mobility Vehicles or UMVs. 

From being a flashy concept at CES, the “Elevate” and the UMVs, in general, are now in the initial stage of their development.  

Hyundai is yet to reveal when they will reveal a working prototype, but it made sure the UMVs will soon “walk” its way into reality.

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