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30 Years In The Making: A Man Has Created A Massive Canal For His Village All By Himself

30 Years In The Making: A Man Has Created A Massive Canal For His Village All By Himself

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  • A man single-handedly created a massive canal for his village that took 30 years to finish. 

This could be the ultimate expression of the phrase “Labor of Love.” 

A heroic man in India created massive canal

has just accomplished an unbelievable task: creating a 3km canal for his village using nothing but basic tools! 

massive canal

This man is Laungi Bhuiyan, who spent 30 years just to create the much-needed canal for his village, which for so long suffers from water shortage. 

Bhuiyan lives in the remote village of Kothiwala, which is surrounded by dense rainforest and mountains. 

Though its surroundings are undeniably breathtaking, its geographical position makes it a very isolated place. 

And one of the top problems that grip the village for so long is the lack of a steady supply of water, both for drinking and irrigation. 

Instead of solving this major problem, a lot of residents in the village chose to move to other villages where their life can be more convenient. 

But Bhuiyan resisted this desire and chose to solve his village’s BIG problem all by himself. 

His lack of knowledge in building canals didn’t stop Bhuiyan from fulfilling his dream to provide a stable source of clean water for his village. 

He knew that fulfilling his dream would not be easy, but he was determined to see it finished. 

Since Bhuiyan started his mega project, he spent the next 30 years of his life digging using nothing but basic tools just to dig a decent canal for his village. 

When most of his neighbors are leaving to seek a better life in other villages, he stayed there to face his village’s big problem. 

In those three decades of hardwork, Bhuiyan has never lost his spirit — not even once — in fulfilling his dream. Every single day, after tending to his cattle, he will go straight to his project and dig, and dig, and dig. 

But it seems that the hardest part of this mega project is not the project itself, but the fact that he was alone in this cause. 

For so long, the state has ignored his village’s big problem, and on top of that, not even one of his villagers has helped him in creating this canal.

But even with the great physical and emotional challenges that his dream requires, Bhuiyan still pushed through and never gave up. 

And at last, after 30 years of consistent hardwork, Bhuiyan has managed to reroute the water from the hills to a pond in his village. In other words, he has finally provided his village with a steady supply of clean water! 

On his very last dig, this awesome man had successfully created a three km long, four feet wide, and three feet deep canal for his village. 

And it can be said that Bhuiyan was very lucky to finish this mega project at a time where social media is already widely used all over the globe. 

One man has decided to upload the man’s stunning achievement on social media, and it didn’t take long before netizens expressed their amazement. 

Bhuiyan was even dubbed as a ‘Canal Man’ because of his inspiring dedication in creating an enormous canal for his village all by himself. 

Today, the Kothiwala village is now enjoying the fruits of his labor; it is now becoming convenient for them to raise animals and irrigate their crops because of the abundance of water. 

And with these things, life in their village will certainly become better than before. 

But if we just take a closer look, the greatest thing in this story was not really Bhuiyan’s enormous canal. 

It was his unbelievable and persistent dedication to help his village despite the big challenges he had to face. 

Even with the physical demands and the loneliness he had to endure, he still pushed through just to provide what his village really needs. 

Without a doubt, this man is truly more than a hero. 

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