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2023 Will Be The Year of Flying Cars!

2023 Will Be The Year of Flying Cars!

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  • A Japanese company has successfully tested a prototype of a working flying car. 
  • The company plans to release the vehicle in 2023 and gradually expand the flying car’s services.

You may have to bear three more years to hop into this dream vehicle. 

A Japanese company called SkyDrive had successfully conducted the first manned test flight of its flying cars. Yes, you’ve heard it loud and clear, an actual flying car!

flying cars

But it won’t zoom in to your “nearest sky” anytime soon, as it is scheduled for official service not until 2023. 

The company’s recent test flight is the biggest leap on its flying car development since it started in 2012. 

SkyDrive is one of the few companies in the world that have reached this important stage in flying car experiments. This milestone highlights the strength of Japanese technology in being a trend-setter in the industry of transportation.   

A Closer Look at the Vehicle of the Future 

The company’s prototype vehicle is called the SD-03, which successfully circled at an altitude of 10 meters after four minutes. 

The test flight was conducted in one of Japan’s largest test sites, which is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is one of the big companies that fund and support SkyDrive’s flying car developments. 

SkyDrive’s flying car has a length of 2.9 meters and a width of 1.3 meters (enough to occupy two parked cars).  

Yes, it might be a bit big for a private vehicle, but it is actually the world’s smallest electric vertical flying car.

And speaking of vertical, SD-03 has a special ability when compared to other drones and flying vehicles

This flying car can take off and land vertically, which means that it doesn’t need any runways or landing frames! That is why SkyDrive is confident that SD-03 can be a viable vehicle because of this specific capability. 

SkyDrive Is Just Getting Started 

The company’s successful test flight is only the first stage in its series of experiments.

The next stage aims to extend the vehicle’s airborne capability of up to 30 minutes (from its current 5-10 minute capability) 

With more tests to come, the company aims for more developments and one of them is to reach a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. At this speed, the vehicle can potentially solve major problems faced by current modes of transportation. 

In the near future, the company wants its flying car to provide services on hard-to-reach places such as remote islands, mountainous terrains, and disaster areas. 

These capabilities are not a farfetched idea anymore as the company is on track in achieving its goals for its crown jewel vehicle. 

Major Supporters of the Project 

SkyDrive’s desire to provide a new and viable vehicle in the future certainly embodies the Japanese’s desire for innovation. 

That is why major Japanese companies who share its vision was more than willing to support its flying car projects. 

SkyDrive has expressed its gratitude on receiving funding from major companies, including Toyota Motor Corp, Panasonic Corp, and even from videogame developer Bandai Namco. 

To further tap the optimum potential of this project, the Japanese Development Bank also provided financial support for SkyDrive. 

Flying Cars: Vision of the Future

The company aims to make flying cars a common and convenient means of transportation in the future. 

Indeed, it has a fantastic vision, but just like any big dreams, it won’t be easy. 

SkyDrive admitted that it still faces major roadblocks such as problems in holistic safety, battery life, and air control. 

But the developments in their experiments prove that they are on their way to solve these major problems one by one. 

To wrap this up, I just want to say that it’s really exciting to see that these vehicles we used to see on fictional shows are now close to reality! 

With the Japanese spirit at their core, these flying cars will surely bring another big revolution for the world. 

Video Source: SkyDrive Inc
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