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10-year-old girl takes a fight with NF 1 Tumor: The story of being brave and born different

10-year-old girl takes a fight with NF 1 Tumor: The story of being brave and born different

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  • Neurofibromatosis Type 1, also known as NF 1, is a rare disease caused by genetic conditions.
  • See the story of the brave and born different 10-year-old girl Autumn.

Recently the Truly Youtube Channel uploaded a video and shared this brave girl story. Autumn is a 10-year-old girl from Kansas City, living with her family, and is very close to her mom Lindsay. 

Since when Autumn has this disease?

brave and born different

When Autumn was born, her eyes were relatively larger and looked swollen than an average baby.

Six months later, when it was still growing and looking swollen, the doctors told Lindsay that your daughter has a tumor growing on her face called Neurofibromatosis Type 1.

Lindsay didn’t have any idea about NF 1, and what to do in that situation, how to take care of her daughter.

However, she stayed strong and slowly taking care of her daughter, including motivating her, telling her soon it will be good, giving her the confidence, medications, etc.

Is there any cure for her disease?

brave autumn

Autumn does take a drug called ‘selumetinib,’ which helps Autumn to reduce her tumor and stop it from growing. The drug gets taken twice a day after 12 hours of the gap.

Lindsay gives her a pill at 6 in the morning, then 6 in the evening, and she can’t eat anything 2 hours before and 2 hours after consuming the drug.

The drug has helped Autumn a lot in reducing the bulge from the face and also from her stomach. However, there is still no perfect medication for the NF 1 tumor.

That’s why it is so hard for the family to think about the medical field, not getting the proper study and treatment for NF 1 tumor.

How hard was it for Autumn to live everyday life with a disease like NF 1?

Growing up with NF 1 did make her everyday life hard; there were times when she was called a monster or asked why you look like that? The classmates and other kids at school talked mean things about her back and sometimes in front.

All that did make Autumn upsets, and she had moments where she cried.

autumn brave and born different

However, instead of feeling down and letting it affect her, Autumn fights all these things quite well and gets stronger. Autumn’s sister is always defending and comforting her in school or at home as well, and even she gets upset sometimes when people say mean stuff about her sister.

After all this, Autumn still thinks of school as her favorite place to be.

Autumn may not have many friends, but she still has some valuable friends in her life and family members.

With all of them and their support, Autumn continues to enjoy her childhood doing things that every 10-year-old would do and enjoying her life while fighting these diseases.

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